Saturday, September 28, 2013

consider me guilty.

Okay, so obviously I have neglected  this blog.
And its not that I have nothing to say or its not that I don’t find my everyday life interesting enough to Blog about but mostly its because I have gotten caught up in busy work. So I am guilty of leaving my little blog and doing other things and not committing to writing a lot, like a really want to do.
I am also guilty of a lot of other things so for your enjoyment:
Things I am Guilty of: 
  • Having a to do list that is 4 pages longs and napping instead
  • Blaming my napping on my Senioritis when I am actually clinging on my final year of college so tightly
  • Texting or playing with my phone while driving, I really need to stop NOTHING is that important
  • Saving a crazy amount of healthy recipes to my phone that I will probably never cook
  • Getting extremely annoyed at elderly people when they cannot understand me on the phone at my work
  • and then feeling really bad about how annoyed I got… they are old, be nice to them. 
  • Being irrationally afraid of numbers I don’t know calling my phone and refusing to answer them
  • sleeping in my bed with a number of things that need to be put away.. books, papers, clean clothes, shoes
  • loving Miley Cyrus. (true fan since Hannah Montana) 
  • not always checking someones I.D. when they check into the hotel I work at
  • Owning too much and always looking for more pre-loved Jewelry 
  • having way too many books on my “To read list” 
  • speaking to my dog as if he was a person and speaking to him in a really HIGH pitched voice.
  • not texting back. ever.
  • communicating in grunts and weird sounds rather than actual words 
  • not 100% sure of my actual bra size. 
  • fantasizing about buying a whole cookie cake just for myself and eating only the icing. 
  • letting country songs affect me way to0 much (melody starts… me crying)
  • Using the obscure Emojis — like religiously 
  • finding a new show on Netflix and binge watching it in a week
  • wearing my jeans over 5 times before washing them.. is that bad to do do dooo?
  • taking really awful selfies.