Monday, December 29, 2014

20 things that are acceptable to kiss on New Years Eve.

a dog

A bottle of Champagne 

Your old picture of Justin Timberlake 

Your friends friend who has been quietly in the corner all night

That one guy you went on a date with but things didn't really work out but you almost sure he is at home right now playing video games 

Yourself in the mirror 

A shot of Vodka 

Your phone (It's been there for you all year)

The "FaceTime" of your imaginary boyfriend who lives in Australia 

Your mom

Your best friend, just as she is going in to kiss her lover

A baby (surely there is one around somewhere)


a small stuffed animal 

a pillow 

your hand...

a taco bell burrito 

the 70 year old bouncer at the bar 

a bowl of chips 

Your TV (thats playing your favorite reality TV show)

Have a happy New Year!