Tuesday, September 23, 2014

When in doubt go to Prague

I have always looked at life in an "everything happens for a reason" kind of light. Bad things happen so that people will learn something or vice versa- I think it is the water sign in me that brings out this whimsical-woo-la-di-da way of looking at life; even when I am faced with the unhappiness life can bring. 

So, on this trip I expected nothing short of the regular "everything happens for a reason" lifestyle. 

And I of course have had those moments- moments when I thought I would do one thing and turns out I meet someone and they convince me to do otherwise which ends in me meeting someone else wonderful- just a circle of everything happens for a reason. Details to come- i just need to get to the point of this post. 

So, when I got to Amsterdam I sort of started doubting my decision to go to Munich Germany for their Oktoberfest- one part of me said, when will I ever be here again during this time to see this sort of event? The other part of me wanted to skip it completely save some money (actually a lot of money) and see other places I had not originally planned on seeing. 

So I just gave myself- "the sign" verdict to commit to my next plans. 

I just needed a sign- that said Sierra please go to Munich, enjoy the festivities, drink beer - have a blast 
 Or one that said- you can skip it. Go see other parts of Europe, save some money, Oktoberfest is every year.

So I did get my sign but it turns out I have been getting my sign A LOT throughout this trip.

I wanted to go to Prague before I started this trip but for whatever reason I decided I shouldn't go
I have met on ton of people either on their way; coming from; or loving every thing about Prague.
I would be so jealous when they talked thinking "gosh I want to go there" 

Still did not take a hint. 

So whoever my sign giver is decided to slap me in the face with not only credit card fraud (turning into a cancelled card-turning into a financial panic) but also a cold/flu/plague thing so that even if I went to Oktoberfest I would not get to partake in the festivities because I have to make myself well and not drink beer.

Finalizing this with, thank you life. 

Tonight I am in Prague and despite the sickness and fraud I am so happy. 

Please send all the love- I will be healthy and happy tomorrow and not dead because I won't get murdered by the people in my hostel due to coughing/sneezing sicklyness 

Friday, September 19, 2014

Van Gogh inspired this post

I visited the Van Gogh museum and I am extremely ashamed to admit that this bored me to tears. 

I want to be this artist who apreciates and loves every other kind of art; who happily goes to museums and reads every word; someone who is absorbed in the way a stautue leans or the way the brush stroke opposes another brush stroke- I badly want to be a collegite woman- a lady in a scholar as my favorite high school teacher would put it but today I was not. 

It is not that I find Van Gogh uninteresting or a boring person- I think his artwork is incredible and the way he was influenced by the French and the way he has influenced modern art today is still amazing. 

its not that I dont like history- put me anywhere around history of theatre and I could probably go back several times still loving every second of it- I adore castles because I like to imagine the families living inside them- I like to know every aspect of history that surrounds a castle so I can imagine just how these people lived; what was it like to grow up there; what kind of people were loved here- did a servant fall in love with a king or a queen; did a daughter want to break free of the royal reigns and move to a far away country to live with an indian man- castles & homes fascinate me. 

Stories fascinate me. 

Museums make me want to die. 

well, of course there are exceptions- I guess to truly enjoy the Van Gogh museum I would want to know the nitty gritty details- how did he grow up; was he in love at the time of a certain painting; was he in pain? 

Aside from his most famous paintings, one I really did like to see was a paiting of his friend- the description just said A friend of Van Gogh they spent a lot of time together- it was something that short and simple- that was not good enough for me. He admired his freind so much that he used his talent  to create a picture of her; he mixed the one thing he knew to do to express himself and his friend- he had to adore her, she had to be a special part of his life. 

I guess the best way for me to apreciate an artist is to read about them. 

This all sounds very generation x blah blah blah a museum bores more - whats up on instagram?
So here I am writing; trying to justify my simple mind- 

I call myself an artist- which I think at this point in my life I have the right to- My forte is performance art and I dont think Van Gogh, as impressive and artisitc as he is, would not enjoy going through a museum of my first monolouge all the way to the best of the best performance wise \\ I think a monolouge museum feat. Sierra Carter would bore the hell out of Van Gogh and thats okay. 

Maybe he would leave my museum ashamed that he couldnt get absorbed into my art. 

I like this part of life- the part that shows me I am kind of a shallow asshole or I am just not really into paintings.

 This is what I do like- I like to observe and watch people (as creepy as this sounds its all in good nature) I like to find a park on a beautiful day where people are all around- I like to see couples that are so madly in love with each other that they think they are the only ones in the park- couples that are so infatuated with one another that, for sure, they are the only ones in the park because their faces and tounges are buried deep inside each other's mouths- I like to watch the one business man on his break just taking a second at this park to live outside of the office; the mother with her child showing him or her all the flowers in the park; the runner who is dedicated to their run; the group of girls who sit and talk about the men in their lives; this is amazing because no matter what language you can tell when a woman is seriously bitching about the love in her life or if the woman is seriously happy with the love in her life; I like to try to idenify the tourist from the non-tourist; the first dates to the 50th one; the happy people from the sad or lonely ones; this is a form of art that I truly enjoy and I think my love for it makes me a better artist. 

So this is an open announcement that I kind of suck; an open apology to Van Gogh himself; and a realization that in order to be a smart, sophisticated, well educated woman does not mean I have to be in awe of all historical museums. 

And just like that I am slapped in the face with the teaching of traveling- you either like who you find you are or you forgive yourself for who you are not. 

with love. 

Monday, September 15, 2014

the inevitable why.

So many people have asked me why I decided to travel- I usually say "I just graduated from college and I'm not entirely sure what is next for me so I just wanted to travel" -

In saying that, I usually get kind of an "Eat, Pray Love" life finding idea of the person I am to strangers I meet. Which brings me to a weird thought process because I did not plan this trip with intention of finding myself, I feel like I am young enough to be unsure of who I am so I have yet to lose myself in a relationship or a job or just a lifeless moment. I am still free of the things in life that bring you down to an unforseeable return. 

I did not just go through a divorce; nor did I wake up one day needing something new. I just decided to travel- just to do it. I have learned a lot about myself with out even knowing that I needed to learn anything. I now know that I can get completely lost in city and keep my cool. I love to walk aimlessly around and I enjoy that more than the usual touristy type of things to do. 

I am now certain that I love theatre and the world that surrounds it. I know that the most painful injury is on a huge burn on your bum after you sit on a hot curling iron. I know that people are kind and if you meet the right ones they will look out for you. I have learned that I want to be a part of everyones story even if it is just for a split second. I have learned that I smile at everyone almost by habit and sometimes I come off creepy.  4 days is the maxium I can go without changing my clothes or showering before I feel like a nasty ball of grubbiness. The best moments I have had are just enjoying the atmosphere of a new place. 

Tonight I walked to the city center of Brussels- it is called the Grand-Place Grote Market. It is a nicely lit square with shops, cafes, street performers and the beautful sounds of different languages. As cliche as it sounds the small moments are the most enjoyable. 

Music has started to mean more to me than I ever thought it would. If I am ever feeling lost or alone I just put in my headphones and go back to the tunes that make me the happiest. Sometimes I reach for a little indie wild child slow ukulele music and sometimes I go directly to Katy Perry channeling my #npatb crew and pretend they are by my side. Also; there is nothing more beautiful than all different people from opposite sides of the world coming together with a Beyonce song. 

this experience is golden. 


Monday, September 8, 2014

Castles & Pubs