Tuesday, January 20, 2015

my drafts.my drafts. my lovely lady drafts

oh..... I feel like this is awkward.

I used to to be so good to my small blog.

I used to be inspired to write ALL THE TIME.

Now, its not that my life is mundane or I am uninspired, actually, there is a lot happening to me- but I feel like, life is a whirlwind and sometimes its hard to sit down and update- my "readers" ha! and myself honestly.

BUT I have tried to write some post.

so here are a few unfinished post- that at some point in the last six months I tried to write but never finished or posted publicly.


this one was titled: My Biggest Fear

When I was little, I had a reoccurring dream of being kidnapped- not only was I kidnapped and threatened with never being able to see my mom again but my kidnapper was a vampire.
This was pre- Twilight. When vampires were actually terrifying creatures and not an erotic chapter in a teen angst novel. 

So for the longest time my biggest fear was getting kidnapped. (by a vampire until Twilight came and really changed the Vampire reputation) but then it was just being kidnapped by anyone.

then I just stopped writing.. I am pretty sure I was going to go on about how I got somewhat kidnaped while I was in Europe but it was by a British woman and I never feared for my life. 

So..... Maybe one day I'll expand on this story but maybe not.... maybe one day it will come out in my  memoir...

a few titles I have considered for that book are:

Naked a fearless: A memoir by Sierra Carter 

WHERE ARE YOU?! (most common text received by friends) By Sierra Carter

simple & sexy- by Miss Carter (not to be confused with Beyonce) (but it happens all the time) By: Sierra Carter 


This one was titled: And other lies I tell myself while backpacking Europe. 

Having gelato multiple times a day is fine
My friends are going to LOVE all these magnets 
That creepy man is not talking to me.. he is not talking to me 
I know exactly where I am going 
I dont even look like a tourist- blending in**
I love the top bunk.. actually I prefer it 
Walking is a great form of exercise 
I dont even miss the gym 
Yeah I can walk there 
I can still get tooth paste out of the tube


this one was untitled:

Being a graduate is a weird deal.

You are stuck between financial responsibilities- finding a job- finding a job you actually give a damn about- following your true passions - avoiding the inevitable relationship status questions- saving money-thinking about moving home???- and everything else life can throw your way.

I am finally coming to terms with the real post-grad life; which have brought into question… a lot of questions about my future…. so here are some ideas I have been conjuring up about what my next step in life will be…..

- The most obvious thing I could do next is become the next Bachelorette- I would have to up my style game and one liners but I think I could make America happy.

-Stripper- I think thats always an option for post- grad life


I am still trying to figure out adult life.
 and its fun... scary but I love every step I have taken in life and I really love my life.

 I think the trick to not stressing out is believing in the person you want to become. And I really do believe in her. 


Here are just some one liner of drafts:

1) HEY.
2) Sometimes I know how to be really sexy ( NO IDEA WHERE I WAS GOING WITH THAT)
3) I am a one liner offender when I have had to much to drink..........
5)like are you really into sports. pretend. yogurt. FRO YO. (maybe I was posting then starting writing a shopping list)

And as everyone says and as I say to myself, I promise to blog more.
BUT I don't know if thats possible.
So maybe, I sort of promise, a little 
(my commitment issues are showing)