Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas with myself this year?

I never take pictures. Pictures would make this blog post far more interesting so maybe I will dig deep into the depths of my phone and find out what pictures I do I have to supply this post.

 I had a Merry Christmas!

However this year my Christmas was different.

My family and I were all on different schedules; my Mother and Father worked either Christmas eve or Christmas day and they both live (separately) in Texas; my younger brother headed to Colorado to see his grandparents; my lovely sister, with her little ones, were all the way in Florida HAVING CHRISTMAS ON THE BEACH..(living the life) and I was in Edmond, Oklahoma working at the hotel from 3-7 on Christmas Day.

and I wasn't that upset about it.

Last year, I was scheduled to work Christmas and I was distraught.
"I am only 20, I shouldn't be working on Christmas yet?!"
"This job isn't worth it!"
"Are you kidding me?!"
"I hate this job anyway"
"I  am going to miss my sweet Nana and her Irish accent"
"I am going to miss out on my dad's snoring and my little brother's weird pajamas"

(fortunately I got my shift covered and spent last Christmas in Arizona with my family & I am still happily employed at the same job)

 This year I knew the circumstances of my family and when December's schedule came out I was completely okay with working on Christmas. I don't know what happened- I was just okay with it. I felt for the employee's still working no matter what, I realized I had no other plans and it wouldn't be painful to spend a holiday alone.

It turned out to be a lovely day; maybe the best day ever.

It went a little something like this... 

Woke Up: 10:30ish

No one else's schedule just mine, benjy's (my dog) and Tyle.

we all have bed head on Christmas. (photo props to Tyle)

Ohhhh... I forgot to mention one precious little darling...
you know that friend, who could be your long lost sibling but the kind of sibling that shared the womb with you because you're relationship is beyond any namable relationship... its like a best friend but not exactly, its like a parasite that you never want to leave your side; it comes with all wonderful things--  you think about your relationship and you almost cry out of love/ adornment/ you want to punch this person for being so great/ maybe someday you will trap him in a small cage so no one else can witness this precious little darling....... yeah.... I don't know that friend either....

but Tyle was with me on the best day ever :)

Next: We laid in bed and called all of our loved ones. 

I called my Mom, Dad, Sister & Nana~ maybe it was because of Christmas but all of my phone calls were exceptionally sweet. All of them gave me details of their mornings and details of their current lives. I felt closer to them than I would have if I was right in front of them.

Tyle and I exchanged gifts
adding to my wanna be fab life, Tyle and I are starting hot yoga in January. We really wont have time for much of anything-- we will be the hippest, coffee drinkin' yogis ever.

i mean...really....were.... just trying to escape our dweeb nature.

Work from 3-7
Work actually isn't too, too terrible on a holiday. No one expects much from you and in a hotel there really isn't anything happening at that time of day. It was slow. It was nice.

Have I mentioned that I moved this month? It's a small apartment where I will spend my last semester of college & the daunting first months of grad life. I am so happy! It is a cute place with a homie atmosphere and an outside balcony--- hopefully I will be serenaded from it someday.... actually that would be weird for me.... unless it was John Mayer. John Mayer could sing to me from a toilet and I would be okay with it...
The best part of all is my home is cat-less and clean.  :)
But I got home and awhile later my mom showed up. She showed up with goodies and a lot of MARGARITAS

I wish at this point I could bust a holiday rhyme for you guys....

but.. I can't...

but I can leave you with this.... I think all of us have a preconceived idea of how holidays are supposed to go. Maybe someday I will get together with my family and we will carry out holiday traditions like opening presents together,  having a holiday pageant or baking together & wearing matching aprons but as of right now I am completely content with spending the day with a great friend and the night with my mom, friends & margaritas--- I am thankful for so much.

I hope everyone had a blessed holiday!!


Friday, December 13, 2013

finals week is the best.

finals week just might be the best week of our lives. 

okay? WOAH! 

Just hear me out. 

Finals week sucks a lot. Multiple test in a week, hours of studying, hours of writing, hours of  putting together final projects, and hours of STRESS. However, here are a few reasons why finals week just might be a good week for all students involved. (I am really into list lately)

  •  During this dreadful week you can use finals as an excuse for just about anything. Why am I late for work? Oh I am so sorry, its finals week and I am just trying to make it through college so I can trade this minimum wage job for an actual salary job and not have to sell my body for quick cash. Why do I need to have this whole cookie cake to myself? Its finals week and I deserve it. Why do I need a 10 AM shot of vodka?- finals week. 

  • Your room is the cleanest it has ever been. Procrastination at its best ladies and gents. As you sit down to study, you remember that "Oh, I forgot to clean the lint off my window blinds" or "I forgot to make my bed exactly like the maids do it at a hotel" 
  • You get to have study groups with classmates that you probably didn't talk to all semester but suddenly need their notes or their expertise. You guys get together to study but mostly it turns into a bitch fest about the inadequacies of your poor professor or you guys bond over the guy in the 3rd row of the class who ALWAYS smells so bad. 
      • "I thought I was the only one who noticed?!" "No! I always smell him"

  • It is likely that you can park anywhere on campus and not get a ticket. This might be only my experience but I parked in staff parking twice this week, once to turn in a paper and once to take a final; I never got a ticket. However, both task did take me about 10 seconds... (even the final) but it should be a nation wide campus law that tickets are not given during finals week.

  • You are allowed to wear your most unflattering, most comfortable clothes and no one can judge you.  So go ahead, wear that oversized shirt with prairie dog on it; wear it loud and proud to class because honestly you love wearing it at home, so why not get away with it during finals week. 

  • On that note, with your comfortable clothes on your back- you are completely allowed to look as zombie-ish as possible. No make up. Hair a mess. Bags under eyes. Probably Hallucinating from the lack of sleep, but Hey its okay. In the real world we will never be allowed to have a stressful week and look like walking dead-- so bask in that finals week glory.  

It really is a great week because we are allowed to be as lazy as ever while being the most productive we have been all semester. Just a bunch of confusion and a lot of coffee.