Wednesday, April 30, 2014

little blogging world

So I have a few friends in Oklahoma who also have blogs and I am lucky because we really support each other; I try to throw in their blog when I get an opportunity into my blog and they all do the same to me as well. 

My friend +Katie Marshall has a blog that is fantastic! She writes about style and every day things which is fitting because her blog is called Style&Things. Anyways, she is great and her little blog was nominated for an award and with that award she had to nominate other blogs. She nominated my blog and because she did I have to answer a few questions she sent my way. 

I feel like xanga all over again and I am totally okay with that. 

What city inspires you the most?
I feel like this is a hard question to answer because I am constantly falling in love with cities I have never been. I get really obsessed with places that are full of artistic opportunities. My most recent one has been Chicago! I have never been but I am going there this summer (ironically enough with +Katie Marshall & +Austin Ratcliff ) Chicago is booming with theatre and improv and that is where my heart is- so hopefully when I go I will be extra inspired.

What's your favorite flower?
I just recently started buying flowers for my porch but I probably couldn't tell you the name of any of them. I think sunflowers are my favorite they are wild, free and bright. Also I don't fear killing them because they are pretty tough. 

Do you think your astrological sign describes your behaviors?
Yes. I think I am a pisces 100%. They are dreamers and very emotion driven. Me. 

Would you rather go to the beach or to the city?
The beach. All day everyday. 

If you could be anything you wanted to be, what would you pick?
This is a really hard question for me. I think I would be a hybrid of all these things- 
actress/writer/SNL cast member/travel blogger

so.... someone make that happen. 

Road trip or airplane?
I prefer road trips- although long hours in the car can be AWFUL- I like the freedom of having your own vehicle on trips. 

What's your favorite inspirational quote?
I am an inspirational quote slut. 
I love them all. 
I will keep it simple though.

Takeout or home made?
I hate to pull the healthy card but I cook mostly healthy meals for myself and I really like what I cook. HOWEVER if I am sad or had a bad day TAKE OUT ALL THE WAY

What would you do with 100,000 dollars?
I would blow it on travel, I would travel everywhere and take all my friends. 

If you could have dinner with anyone in the world, who would it be?
that hot man I saw running last week with the cutest golden doodle... haha okay but for real Chelsea Handler.  

What celebrity would you choose to be your BFF?
Amy Poehler- I feel like together we would really weird some people out. 

Dont forget to check out Katie's  blog!! 



Saturday, April 26, 2014

taking a 13.1 mile stroll around OKC tomorrow.

Happy Happy Memorial Marathon!

 I started loving running a little over four years ago but I am just going to come out and say that I am no running expert. I ran 5ks for fun and I knew eventually I wanted to run a half marathon, so this year, FINALLY I decided to commit to it and this Sunday (tomorrow) April 27th I will be running my first and depending on how it goes maybe my last half marathon.

This post has been brewing in my mind the whole time I have been training and now that I am at the end of my training I think its time to give four little tips on:

 how to get through a run. 

>> Create the best playlist
             I know what you are thinking and this one is pretty obvious but it really did help me get pumped up to run. I'll give you just a few of my favorites:

Use your Love By Katy Perry
Be my Girl By Jet
Latch By Disclosure 
Fancy By Iggy 
Work It By Missy Elliot 
Independent Women By Destiny Child 

As you can tell, I am a huge pop girl jams fan. Katy Perry has gotten me through the hardest work outs.

>>  wave at and be inspired by other runners 
Okay, I know if you are running in a high traffic area waving at everyone can be exhausting and a little creepy but if you are running at a park where you pass the occasional runner, I think its helpful to give them a nod or a wave, its like a mutual understanding that you both are going through the same thing.

 My favorite people to wave at are the cute little old ladies that run around the park- I love them- I want to be running well into my 70s so if they pump me up now its almost a promise that at that age I will be pumped to be me and healthy enough to run. 

>> Picture Ryan Gosling at the end
I know we have all heard this one (personally I'd prefer Zac Efron at the end) but it can be helpful to think about a sexy man waiting for you at the end of your run. 

just a little note: I wrote that I prefered Zac Efron before I started looking up all these memes.. Ryan is sexy.. I take back my Zac preference. 

>> Treat yourself to some cute running clothes
I never realized how inspiring new clothes can be or how addicting it is to buy running gear. A little into my training I started rewarding myself with new workout shorts and tee's every now and then. It helped me get through runs because I'd either promise myself something new if I get to the next mile or I would get excited to wear my new clothes on my next run. However you do it- new running gear helps. Check out Ross and TJ Maxx for the not so pricey and still way cute work out gear! 

I hope these help! 

I can't wait to run- I am so scared but so excited!! 


Last two I promise-

Saturday, April 19, 2014

coffee dates & little things.

My favorite thing to do lately is enjoy a nice cup of coffee with a random friend.

I have done this several times before, I mean HELLO! Coffee shops and cute lattes are such a hip date and have been a hip date since I was able to drive so, of course, I have done this before but lately these small dates have meant so much to me.

There is something really sweet about a quaint coffee shop, a cute latte (preferably with a little design in it) and two people who are genuinely excited about each others lives. 

These little dates have opened my eyes to a few things.

One, is that everyone has insecurities about the future and two is that, (even if you don't know the person you are having coffee with all that well)  girls have a universal look for when they see a hottie having coffee in the corner and they also have a universal look for when they realize he has a ring on his finger.

Another thing I realized as my coffee dates and I gabbed away is that in a week we really do accomplish a lot more than we give ourselves credit for. I think that sometimes we rush through the week so fast we forget to reflect on what actually happened.

It is great to look at the bigger picture but sometimes it helps to put your task in a tiny perspective and appreciate the small accomplishments you make. 

As you guys might have noticed, I have some anxiety about my future... and by some I mean I don't sleep because I can't turn off my thoughts and I get a really heavy chest AND I find myself sitting in my car awhile after I have parked just sitting in the dark... but I'm fine.. really, really IM FINE!

So, I'm thinking that maybe if I put my little accomplishments in perspective it will help me appreciate myself a little more and I will get out of the car as soon as I park.. unless there is a really great song on.

this week//

1. I have gone to all of my classes and have been prepared.
For me this is a huge accomplishment; I thought I had "senioritis" in high school. High School was baby compared to the zero shits I give now.

2. We finalized plans for Chicago this summer (Thanks to my roommate Austy and his birthday) and Vegas in May! This is super exciting because I think I want to move to Chicago and I get to experience it this summer with my best friends! Also, I am going to Vegas for graduation with my great friend Demi, she is FINALLY going to let loose (future doctor takes her studies extremely serious) and I am going to forget that I even graduated and maybe forget my name...woooooooooooooooohhhh
Can't wait to take on Vegas with you!!! 

Hopefully I fall in love with you Chicago :)

3. I decorated our porch!
At  my Apartment we have this really cute patio and its kind of huge for our baby apartment. Our plan when we moved in was to decorate it and have porch parties this summer! I ventured out and got us flowers, thrifted furniture and out door lights.
This is only a little bit of the porch- more to come <3

4. Obviously all of my little coffee dates have meant a lot to me. I think reaching out to people and spending quality time is an accomplishment.

5. I've been diligent about running and I am more than ready for my half marathon next Sunday!!
Joining the obnoxious window sticker club is all I wanted out of this half; I've had the sticker for a year now and  I can officially place it on my car next weekend.

6. I almost forgot.... I made the first GIANT step in my backpacking trip to Europe. I bought my tickets! I am departing from OKC on September 2nd -----> Dublin, Ireland to begin my adventure.
I will make a whole post about the trip soon.



Monday, April 14, 2014

if I'm being honest.

I saw this thing on pinterest and it said something like: 

"I am always caught between, I wanna be skinny & treat yo self" 

to which I was like re-pin, re-blog, re-tweet over and over and over because THAT SAYING TOTALLY GETS ME. 

So then I was thinking more, as I often do, and I came to a conclusion that I am just caught in a lot of things. 

I am getting a B.F.A in Theatre and I have no promising outcomes. I am graduating from college with no commitments, no moving on motives, no I am saving to eventually.. blah blahs - I am graduating with a piece of paper and some dreams, that have kind of gotten lost somewhere in this last semester.

I know what the original dream was, the dream to be an actress, that is still the ultimate dream but fear and other factors have gotten in the way of that ultimate dream. 

Young me would be so mad right now. What happened to fearless Sierra? What happened to that girl, who worked harder than ever towards her CLEAR GOALS? Who didn't fear a little struggle, she just lived for the next step in her ultimate goal? 

What I would say to that young one, is that me now, started thinking about parts of life that really matter and me now can admit that I am scared, I am very scared and it is not easy. I can't figure out what I want for myself. 

I am caught between wanting to just go out and move and experience the struggle of an aspiring actress & not wanting to lose my love for the art by getting beating down.

I am caught between admiring my close friends that are going to Grad School and immediately going into a work force of their choosing; they have solid, admirable plans and I am envious but I could make those decisions for myself; I just chose not to. 

I am caught between waiting for Zach Efron to propose to me and nothing... I'll wait forever Zach. 

I am caught between loving my friends so much and wanting to stay near them and justifying that decision by giving myself examples of couples who stay near each other post grad; my friends can be just as important to my life as a boyfriend would be right?

 I am caught between wanting to travel and wanting to commit to something

And then I think... as stressful and as unpromising as this degree may be, there is really something beautiful about it. 

I have no expectations therefore failing really is not an option, I have no commitments so if something comes up and it eventually will, I wont have to stress out about the previous commitments I have made.

Everything is up to me. Where I go from here is up to me.

Sure, it's going to be nuts. I will probably be working towards something different every three months.

I will live for the moments that move me; the moments where I have a realization of my path; the moments that make me feel so great about the art I put out; the moments that I feel scared; the moments that I want to run away from a goal; the moments I run towards a goal.

Less than a month from now I will not be moving, I will not be getting a job that I work at for the next 5-10 years, I will not be enrolling in Grad School- I will be just.. running wild.

after that rant who’s trying to date me? 



Tuesday, April 8, 2014

WINNERS/LOSERS [weekend recap]

I really don't think it is a secret that I love me some Saturday Night Live; one of my favorite sections of the show is weekend update. It's funny because when I was younger I would HATE when it was time for weekend update and now that I am older weekend update is that part I'll shush everyone just to enjoy a little bit of current events humor. I AM GROWING UP!!!! AHH! 

But the reason I bring that up is because last weekend was a pretty eventful one and I wanted to write about it, the best way to convey my weekend was with a little bit of WINNERS/LOSERS fun taken from SNL: Weekend Update

Winners and Losers [Sierra's Weekend]

Loser- The man dressed up at the Medieval who tried to touch our bums; how many ladies did he get this reaction with?

winner- All of us getting to eat a good amount of fair like foods- kettle corn, corn dogs, candied almonds

Loser- Nicole for letting me order her Starbucks- FAIR WARNING never order a Venti Iced Vanilla Mocha.. none of the Starbucks people even questioned it... it taste like chalk 

Winner- Nicole! She got us VIP access to a fun club in OKC 

Loser- Every guy who avoided dancing with me- Listen up gentlemen, I have some killer dance moves and sorry I don't want to immediately shove my bum into your lower region but I like to dance weird in front of people before we get that close. 

Winner- The cast of my sketch show! I am so proud of my little clan, they put up with me and a huge amount of other stressful factors and we pulled off a show! We should be very proud of, Bravo!!

Winner- +Kelsey Fisher - she really saved one of our sketches and I am so thankful for her and her weird brain "Tampons, Oh those are like little tiny cotton penises" 

Winner- My group of friends getting to spend time with people we never see! 

Loser- Any guy who gets way to close to your face to use the line "Do I know You?"

Loser- Trying to go to a hole in the wall waffle house  and being ignored and not seated for over 45 mins. 

Winner- Me for having a lovely friend Demi who likes me enough to drive two hours to spend the night with me and then go to breakfast at my favorite place in the morning! 

Winner- Demi! for getting to try a  Lunch Box! 

Loser- My legs, they suffered through dancing, sketch rehearsing, ghost possession practicing and running 10 miles this past weekend. 
Slow and steady! Just barely making it! 

Winner- ME! My life is really great and even when I think I am in the worst possible situation it can always get better with the friends I have been blessed with.  
I love you people.


Sierra Carter