Thursday, July 31, 2014

what are you going to do 3 months after you graduate....

So in May I graduated college; if you didn't know- I mean if you read this blog frequently 
(Hi Mom, Demi, Kelsey, Austy & Tyle) YOU KNOW I graduated college; had a complete freak out; drowned my -whatever feelings they were- in wine and then found myself all over again.

So, I decided, because I had not a damn clue what I wanted to do with my life- that I would do what any rational college grad would do and I decided that I  would travel. 

Not just leisurely travel- but go backpacking in Europe- dun. dun. dun. ALL BY MYSELF.

So I started thinking okay- Ill go 2 weeks; 
& then I was all- I can do 20 days.
& THEN I was all Okay I can handle one month; there is so much I want to see! 

& Then, as I was purchasing my flight, my hand went in to punch in my one month round trip ticket and I extended my trip to 6 weeks- WHAT? 

6 weeks just galavanting around in Europe this Fall.
Take off is One Month and Two Days so I thought it was time to start talking about it. 

I am going to try to be as informational as possible because I know I have researched and researched and hopefully one day I can help another brave soul do this too! 

As soon as I had the money I booked my flight ASAP- This saved me so much money from my original budget- I messed around with the flight engine on coming into different cities and leaving out of different ones and I found the cheapest rate flying into Dublin, Ireland and out of Barcelona, Spain- I suggest to book as early as possible and mess with the cities if you have that kind of flexibility in your planning. 

Be on the look out for these post in August:
-packing guide to 6 weeks in Europe
-Outfit Post

So- On September 3rd- wayyy to early in the mooring after a long flight- I will be arriving in Dublin, Ireland!! 

I can not wait to walk around on the cobblestone streets, try Guinness for the first time, follow through a literary pub crawl, try Irish Coffee (thats a thing),  see all the local art, go to a show, go to the lake, see the country side- listen to everybody talk (insert emoji with heart eyes) -

I can not wait to go to Scotland, see a familiar face  & "DO AS THE SCOTTISH DO" 

I can not wait to go to London and just about die from all the theatrical history
 (Degree in Theatre HOLLA')

I can not wait to go to Paris, Brussels, Berlin, Munich, Zurich, Verona, Venice, Florence, Rome, Monte Carlo, Barcelona. 

I cannot wait to be fully immersed  & forget about the fact that I am alone.

The sweetest compliment that anyone has given me is that I am brave, I've started to believe it. 


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

what am I even....

Reading: I am currently in the middle of about 4 books. I pick them up start and reading when I have the time or I'll grab one before work to read and it really just has been a mix of "The Bell Jar" - Sylvia Plath; "An Object of Beauty" Steve Martin "Uganda be kidding me" Chelsea Handler & "Tiny beautiful things" Cheryl Strayed - I need to just commit and finish one at a time- I feel like I am in several different worlds.

Writing: list. Just always writing to do list, to eat list, to cook list. I love them but rarely keep up with them.

Listening to: at the moment... Children singing because I work at a drama camp.

Smelling: stinky, sweaty children (it's the last week of camp..can you tell?) 

Wishing: wishing that I could win the lottery and not worry about anything; also  that I could eat sprinkled donuts for every meal

Hoping: that I don't get arrested soon for all my un paid parking tickets from LA last summer

Wearing: a stiff blue staff shirt... probably covered in some form of face paint

Wanting: a sprinkled donut.

Loving: I am loving yoga, green tea  & letters from my the daddio
Needing: rest, wine & time with my friends



Sunday, July 20, 2014

Blogmopolitan Quiz :)

Erin over at Two Thirds Hazel put together her 3rd Blogmopolitan Quiz and I was/still am obsessed with Cosmo's celebrity quizzes so I decided to feel a little fancy &  join in on all the fun! 


Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday Favorites.

I have been terrible at keeping up with my July post.

I have missed a few topics so I am going to try to put it all into one small-hopefully-not-boring-post.

Today the topic is "five of your favorite things" but I missed the writing a letter post, favorite blogs post, hometown post &  a few more... so here is my whirlwind post and my favorite way to put things... In a letter.

Dear Kendi Everyday, World of Wanderlust & Mister Ratcliff, thank you for being my go to blogs. Kendi you were my first blog love, World of Wanderlust you keep my aspirations real and Mister Ratcliff your post make me happy and its cool to have a real life blog friend :) Dear Skiatook, Oklahoma; you were so fun to grow up in. You gave me appreciation for the small things; the big things; the family things and the appreciation for a place I will always call home. Dear The Bachlorette, you made me become that girl- I am embarassed by how much I love you show. Dear, Lara Bars- you are so good to me. Dear Dark Chocolate Sea Salt, you are so yummy please never leave me. Dear Kate Hudson, Is it time to switch lives yet? Dear New Dentist, I really am embarrassed. I hoped for an old white man but I got Doctor Dentist Dreamy Pants instead to judge me for all the times I fall asleep after eating hot cheetos & gummy worms... Even though you have ventured into the crevices of my teeth would you still be interested in making out.. or? 



Sunday, July 13, 2014

one thing I cant live without

Today's prompt is "One Thing I Cannot Live Without"...

And of course there is the obvious answers 
-nike clothes 
-shirtless zac efron pics

you know... the essentials 

BUT when I really started thinking about it, ONE thing that just makes my day/makes my life/this is going to be really cheesy-- is laughter.

 But really... Comedy is kind of my jam & it really does make my life when I get to laugh or share a good laugh with a friend.

So... Judge away but I don't think life would be worth living if I couldn't laugh about it. 


Thursday, July 10, 2014

summer loving & a blog feature

I live in Oklahoma so summer here is HOT HOT HOT ( visibly sweating in embarrassing spots/sticking to leather seats hot)

I am more of  a Fall/Spring person-
But I really do love a few great things about summer.
>>going to the lake
>> summer nights
>> lightening bugs
>>people seem to be happier when the sun is shining
>> 4th of July
>>summer vactions

Last summer was one of my favorite summers- I lived in Los Angeles and the weather was great every single day! Relive that summer by reading these post; Just a small town girl & Currently Exploring California.

Yesterday was my roommate Austin's birthday- We met last summer, his birthday is in summer & one of my favorite things about this current summer is sharing it with him; It seemed fitting to feature him on my blog today :)


Meet Austin From Mister Ratcliff -a style blog!

Austin is a faceless fashion blogger from Oklahoma.

Just kidding he has a face & it is pretty cute!

 He writes as if he is talking directly to you and just from reading his post you feel like you are already his best friend. His blog is a  Gentlemanly guide to life & style.  We went to Chicago together and instead of rhyming about our trip - he shared all his fashion choices. He is a pretty classy dude. He is also participating the the blog everyday in July Challenge! Read some of  his post here. 


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Insert blushing emoji here.

It's weird for me to think about my most embarrassing story because I probably embarass myself multiple times a day.

I am clumsy so I trip all the time, just last week at a quiet restaurant in Chicago- completely sober I fell down and I'm pretty sure everyone in the restaurant saw. 

I get flustered and say weird/ embarrassing things to people all the time. 

But this is probably the most embarrassing thing I have yet to do.

 ... In 8th grade (because of my innocence and love for Taco Bell) I decided  my screen name should be 




Tuesday, July 8, 2014

when I am alone

Today's topic is things you do when you are alone... 

And if I'm being extremely honest, I live with a group of weirdos so anything I do alone I am more than likely doing it while they are home too. 

No pants
Singing loudly 
Practicing headstands 
Doing accents 
Angrily cleaning 
Ugly crying (about my life)
Happy crying (about how much I love my dog)
Binge watching T.V. Shows 
Shoving a bunch a food in my mouth 
Obnoxiously playing with my dog 

(After reflecting on this list a realize I am an absolutely PERFECT roommate) 

When I really, really think about times I've had alone, I think about my younger self and all the things I did that I would be super embarassed about if someone caught me in those moments.

The house I grew up in had a vanity area with a sink and a mirror above the sink, directly across from the sink was another full length mirror and when you stood in front of each of the mirrors- because they were directly across from each other.. It would appear as if you had multiple arms- if you used your imagination (like I often did) it could feel like there was multiple people behind you. 

See the back to back mirrors. 

So I would pretend I was the head dancer or cheerleader for some group and do all these different moves and I would break a sweat trying to hit the moves before my  multiple reflections hit the moves.. This was impossible- but the better half of my alone was spent dancing and sometimes yelling at my back up reflections.

Another thing my small self would be super embarassed about was the amount of time I spent trying to be Christina Aguilera "Genie in a bottle" version. I would watch that video again and again- I would try to match her dance moves, her clothes, the sexy look she gives the guy multiple times and everything else. 

Jean jacket, belly shirt & that weird up-do.... I was X-Tina. 

I lived for that alone time. 

It's weird because alone time when I was a kid was spent on me becoming something I wanted to be "head dancer" & "Christina Aguilera

Now it's spent on baths, meal prep, naps, reading, writing & just accepting being me. 

I think that's a wonderful place to be. 

Sierra Carter 


Monday, July 7, 2014

s m i l e

I think I have come to the realization that I am extremely afraid of commitment. I don't say that in a way to cool girl kind of way... like "Oh, I don't have a boyfriend because I am afraid of commitment" 

This is by no means in regards to a lover- I am sure it reflects/influences my actually non existent dating life, so I  never get the chance to say "Woah dude I'm so scared of commitment..... don't love me" on a really rainy night, with messy hair, to a jock.....

Okay but really.. I steer clear of planning way way into the future, just in all aspects..

Anyway. I am going to commit to this little blog challenge that I found on The Other Juliette's blog hopefully it sticks.

Things that make me s m i l e. 

- my little dog (as if I don't mention him enough)
- when you enter a laughing fit and you cannot stop
-lightening bugs
-heart to hearts
-lit candles
-happy friends
- airports
-the smell of coffee
-my perfect home (when its clean an filled with friends)
-dancing (badly)
-old videos
- cute socks
-poop jokes (always)
-my roommates



Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Charming Chicago!

I finally visited the city of my dreams.

here is a poem about it. 

Chi-town boogie, boogie down 
chi-town boogie, lets get around

4 am time for our flight
clear skies, no rain
drinking OJ for a little delight    
please don't forget the champagne

Flying high in the sky, its Tyles first time
no pee in his pants to be found
because its..
Chi-town boogie, boogie down 
chi-town boogie, lets get around

Get off the plane 
no time to toot
give us more Champagne 
at Local Root

after several mimosas a nap was our wish
just a nice place to rest our head
we woke up and searched for Chicago Deep Dish
Katie preferred the trash can at Panera Bread

we ended the night happily bound 
as we continued..
Chi-town boogie, boogie down 
chi-town boogie, lets get around

I just realized I am terrible at Rhymes 
lets do a twist 
a poetic crime? 
a list  a list...
it will take shorter time

-dancing in the street...
-night fogs
-can I rest my feet?
-Chicago norms 
-Happy Happy Heart Beats! 
-drag queens
-slap unforeseen 
-What next can we eat? 
-drunk love
-sights from above
That spin is off beat.
-old friends 
-new trends
Our trip is complete.

We will be back Chicago.