Monday, April 6, 2015

6 days in the big city.

6 things to note about my life as an official city girl- with no job but big dreams (mostly of donuts and not falling up the stairs every time I go to the train) 

1. Phone Calls have become a regular thing for me; having no set schedule makes me more of an annoying friend to all those back home; when all I do is walk my dog & check my email for hopefully job interview offers I become slightly obsessed with calling certain people; so thank you friends- I promise soon I will have more to say then... I basically did nothing today and Benjy is pooping regularly. 

2. I will always believe that everything happens for a reason. This is especially true when I meet people day to day to find more projects more connections more leads on anything I need in my life. With persistence everything will eventually fall into place and if it doesn't it wasn't supposed to in the first place. 

3. Running in this neighborhood makes me feel slightly more badass but also kind of like a dweeb- its a battle, really. 

4. The amount of time spent people watching, drinking coffee and wandering aimlessly around has significantly increased in the past four days. I think this is important exploring time for anyone thats new to a city- it was not intentional to have time to do that but it has been a positive. 

5. Today at the grocery store (the grocery store is probably one of my favorite places to go) an employee, that I was almost always in the way of, gave me a free bouquet of flowers as I was leaving. This is important to note because he didn't ask for anything in return, it was just a simple gesture of kindness and I really loved that. 

6.  Job hunting is nonsense; being honest with yourself is necessary; trusting the process is the way to live.