Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Influenster #SurfsUpVoxBox review!

I am on this pretty nifty site called Influenster and if they think you are a pretty cool chick; they send you free stuff to review.

So apparently I am a pretty cool chick because I received their Surfs Up Vox Box! which included everything I need to look and feel great this summer.

                                                                  (sexy man not included)


now for the fun review part.... Ive received all these products free as a test for influenster. (Obligatory warning)

Hawaiian Tropic is all around a great summer brand. I really like this after sun product because it is a hydrating after sun care. It has the cooling sensation that aloe vera gives and the moisturizing element that most lotions give. It also smells delicious!!! The product is affordable and a little bit of lotion goes a long way. I gave this to my boss when she came back to work after a day out in the sun and she loved the after sun care! I love it too! 

SinfulColors Professional is a really affordable nail polish brand. You can find this brand at most drug stores- Walgreens, Walmart, CVS, Target. I like this brand because they have a lot of unique colors and it colors dry extremely similar to the color you see in the bottle. If the color looks matte it will dry matte but if it looks shiny it will dry shiny. This brand dries quickly and goes on smoothly. 

I was really skeptical of this product- it claims to relieve headaches quickly after taking a small shot of the F.A.S.T liquid. This seems too good to be true, right?  However, I did try to shot and to my surprise my headache went away quickly! The medicine is kind of hard to swallow but I have never liked liquid medicine so it might be a personal preference. I think this might be perfect for a morning after too many cocktails. 

I just bought some pretty fancy mascara from Sephora that was a little out of my price range but it made my eyelashes look soooooooo good. I thought "Oh my gosh I have found the best mascara ever, I can't wait to tell all my girly friends and make them buy it." Sephora expensive brand had no shot when I received my free Bombshell Mascara by CoverGirl. This mascara really is great! Step One- makes your eyelashes look silky smooth and Step Two- darkens and lengthens your eye lashes. This is a perfect combination mascara and a must have! 

( not pictured)

My free Jamba Juice Smoothie from Target. I really love smoothies and I really think they are so yummy to make and my free one from Jamba Juice was delicious!! They are super easy to make- just add juice! 

So thats all I really have to say about that. 
Thank you influenster for letting me be a part! 

Now go buy some cool stuff... its all worth it.. promise! 



Thursday, June 19, 2014

Strawberry Mojitos and #WhereImFromSwap

So, ONE of my June monthly goals was to try a new recipe every week. Although I have two weeks left of June I have already failed miserably. BUT! The newest addition to apartment 18 came home today and spoiled us all with fancy Strawberry Mojito drinks. 

She found the recipe on Pinterest here!  She followed the recipe almost exactly except she used CRUZAN Guava flavored Rum and Club soda. The drinks turned out super refreshing and perfect for a summer drink!
It has fruit in it so that makes it healthy right?
I blog I follow called But First, Coffee hosted a #WhereIamFromSwap where basically participants signed up and got matched with a stranger who also signed up! After you got your partner you were supposed to email them and get to know each other and from there you send them a gift- The gift had to include things from your home state and items you think your partner would enjoy!

I got paired with a lovely lady named Nicole from New York. It was extremely easy to pick her out a gift because her initial email she told me so much about herself and she gave me her instagram name so I could get an extra peek into her life.

I ended up going to Craigs Emporium at the Paseo in Oklahoma City to purchase her gifts. I got Nicole a mustache toy for her dog (because she loves her dog) A dream catcher (Oklahoma- Native Redlands-) & a tiny antique tea cup with a candle in it (She collects tea cups).

She sent me all locally made products- Tierra Green Tea, which smells delicious! A notebook with New York State map on it and Little Greek eye earrings. Everything is so cute! This was such a fun swap and I am so glad I was apart of it.



Tuesday, June 17, 2014

a little list of advice

ONE>>Try not to get too unraveled about by an ignored text- we are all busy people. If you are dying inside text that person one more time if its still ignored move on with your marvelous self.

TWO>> Admit it when you are being nuts.

THREE>> Don't wear a grey maxi skirt on a day where you might have a bad case of booty sweat
(Thanks TH :) )

FOUR>> Be active.

FIVE>> When your gas light comes on, go get gas

SIX>> same for toilet paper, when you are close to running out go get some ASAP. or use your socks.

SEVEN>> Sometimes we fight with our friends- just make sure you can laugh about the stupid fight later, if not they are probably not very good friends.

EIGHT>> Be intentional

NINE>> drunk texting is equally amusing and very embarrassing, only do it if you are able to laugh at yourself.

TEN>>If you think someday you will get kidnapped- make sure your best friend knows the sexiest picture to put on your missing posters

EVEVEN>> A shot of vodka before shopping for swimwear helps the experience


THIRTEEN>>  If you choose to have a pet, love it like a small human being- they will love you even if you've had too much wine and you smell like sweat and tears (unless its my dog.. who will judge you from a far)

 FOURTEEN>> be nice to people

FIFTEEN>>Eat the damn cookie or cake or pie or whatever.

SIXTEEN>>  If you feel like your instagram isn't very hip lately.. post an inspiring quote like the one below

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

too tired Tuesday.

I have been working a lot lately. 
Since I got back from Vegas I have been working every. single. day.

& Monday I started a new job at a Theatre Summer camp- so I am working two jobs this summer back to back.

I am not complaining, I signed myself up for this and had somewhat of an idea what it would entail. I am happy that I have two great jobs that work well together and each of them are understanding of one another. 

Here is a list of things that make my tiredness- not so tired and just help me get by. 

1. The funny, endearing, relatable pins that my friend Demi Jackson sends me at 7 am on the dot every morning. 

2. The written letters I get from my weird yet extremely poetic Dad every month. 

3. The sadness my roommates and I feel when we realize we haven't actually seen each other because we all are on opposite schedules. Our sadness makes me happy because we really do love each others company and miss it when one another is away. 

4. My sisters phone calls. She feels like she is rambling but I enjoy her rambles. 

5. The fact that my friend Kaitlin has a reminder set in her phone on June 21st when I finally have a day off and we can go out together :) 

So.. basically, I get by with a little help from my friends. & I am beyond grateful for you crazy people in my life.

Sierra Carter 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Little Letters

A few of my favorite bloggy blogs do some form of love letters or friday letters and I always enjoy reading them so I thought I'd join the fun and do one myself. 

Dear Tuesday: What is it like to be the most overlooked day of the week? No one complains about you like they do Monday; no one annoys their children with Happy Hump day jokes like they do on Wednesday; usually people aren't celebrating their thirst on Tuesdays and Everyone loves the weekend. Dear Hot Body: Please, hurry; we are putting in the work now reveal yourself. Dear Vodka Water: As soon as my hot body catches up we will reunite, i promise.. I miss you too. Dear NCLEX: Please stop stealing my best friend away- you are ruining our life. Dear The Bachelorette: I don't even know how to deal... I get stressed out every time you kiss someone- your man juggling skills are impeccable.. and all the guys are fine with it... Can real dating be like this or? Dear Google: stop tempting me to Google the Bachelorette winner- I tried a few times but I have yet to dig deeper.  Dear Kate Hudson: Can we trade lives and bodies and faces yet?  Dear Spin Class: I know I said it all last week but  I promise- I am coming to you TOMORROW. Dear SnapChat: Thanks! I have so many beautiful pictures of my friends thanks to you.  Dear hot man I see regularly at the gym: Why. you. not. propose. marriage. to. me. yet?  


Sunday, June 1, 2014

hello June!


Hello June!!! 

June is such a fun, beautiful month! These are a few goals I am striving for this month! 

>> embrace local events & activities. 
>> Acquire some fresh new dance moves
>> take more pictures.
>>stick to my whole eating plan 
>> turn off more (social media, texting, electronics, ect..) 
>> stop googling things like "Zac Efron abs" (its an unhealthy relationship with google)
>>write letters to my family
>>cook one new recipe a week 
>>read "The Fault in Our Stars" and "Uganda be Kidding Me"
>> Purchase my EURAIL pass & reserve my first few hostels for the fall :) 


In Its Time