Monday, December 19, 2016

a list of things: I dont want to do until Fall 2017

Things I don’t want to do until Fall 2017:

- Be focused (just don’t like it)
- Do my laundry (it can wait a year)
- Achieve career goals (eh) 
- Plan for retirement (will one more year really matter?)
- Date at all (get away from me smelly men)
- Stop crying and laughing at the same time (emotional break downs are fun)
- Drink that cinnamon vodka someone left at our apt. (Probably wont drink it then)
- Go to the dentist (hot damn)
- Become predictable (still having fun)

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

a list of things: that are better in the winter

a romantic winter themed movie about a divorcee getting their life back.
watching a golden retriever jump around in snow.
oversized fuzzy accessories.
hot cocoa.
window displays.
sparkly clothing.
close conversations.
red noses from the cold (not to be confused with red face from the heat which isn't as adorable)