Tuesday, April 12, 2016

a story

Curly Haired Mermaid, lounges on the beach with Beautiful, Strong Mermaid, who is fighting a life stealing octopus; 

Beautiful, Strong Mermaid to the Curly Haired one: "Will you message Jamaican Merman (who has been in her life for a bit, who adores her) and let him know, we are at the beach and I don't have my shell phone."

message sent. 

"What did he say?" 

no response.

(few minutes later) "What did he say?"

message received. 

The Curly Haired one reads, "Awesome, Hope you guys are chilling and having a blast, Tell her I love her mucho."

Beautiful, Strong Mermaid: *rolls her eyes*

Curly Haired Mermaid wonders if she will ever appreciate affection from a Merman. 

But who needs a Merman when Strong, Beautiful Mermaid can fight a life sucking octopus, make enough sand dollars and get a Masters in the sea, all at the same time. 

Curly Haired Mermaid, beams with delight. 
Strong, Beautiful Mermaid, is a perfect role model. 

Friday, April 1, 2016

One Year- Welcome Home!

A year ago today Benjy and I trusted a craigslist posting, walked into an empty apartment and decided to live with a stranger for a month. 

 I'd like to thank-

All the concerned old Oklahoma men
for worrying about my well being as hard as it was I didn't fall into a life of hard drugs and/or a life of loneliness because I chose the city over a practical family life. Thank you so much for warning me. 

Google Maps
I owe my survival to you. 

My Mother
her go to line is: "Just go be Sierra" I think we both are confused on what exactly that means. 

Theatre Degree
Thanks to my degree these are the types of jobs I've been so lucky to have; HR team member, Spin Instructor, Theatre Intern, After School Instructor, Legal Assistant, Front Desk to HGTV/DIY networks, Assistant to Hairstyle Magazine Editor, Person who just buzzes people in, Box Office Intern, Person who just reads emails to the old man boss, Person who puts paper in the copier, Person who assist boss in making newspaper collages of random articles.  

The lady at my bus stop
Thank you for constantly insulting me; from my insanely unmanageable curly hair to my flowered rain boots, everything about my demeanor screams giant whore. So thank you for the constant support of my lifestyle.  

My roommate
This summer we decided to go without an air conditioner. We spent most of our days- sweating, complaining, showering, not dressing and having heat strokes. If we can survive the delusion of heat and hating each other, I think we can survive it all. 




Thank you Chicago,
one year ago you were a dream and now you are home.