Thursday, February 20, 2014

if you have to fart in the gym

I have to be honest; the title of this post is deceiving, I did not bring you here to talk about farting in the gym. Although if you came here with hopes of tips and strategies for farting in the gym,I'll give you two-

  • walk really fast, like as fast as you can with out looking nuts and let it out... it will mask the sound of any fart and you walking really fast will get you away from any stench you leave behind. 

  • Make your way into the lifting area of the gym... where all the big, sweaty men are-- 
1. you are around a bunch of big sweaty men; no one will assume you, out of all of them, were the one who farted, unless you are a big sweaty hairy man.. in that case own it.
2. They usually are so in the zone, with headphones in and everything, no one will notice- so confidently break the wind sister. 
With that being said, I actually brought you here (YOU- being my closest friends and the weird internet traffic I get from Malaysia) to share my intentions.

Here's the thing- this is about to be a long post and its not going to have my usual quirks or end line of enlightenment. I am pretty proud of this little blog I have started, not because it has blown up or because I get a lot of readers but because I am sharing and learning about myself through this blogging experience. This blog, to me, is a confidence thing. It was my first personal writing project and since I have started this blog I have expanded my writing projects. I have been more confident about putting my writing material out there and less scared of failure.

Yet, I still struggle with posting because I spend the week trying to come up with clever post as opposed to what I just want to write about. I feel like my post have been an array of quirky how to's & just live your life enlightenment post. Don't get me wrong I love me some how to's and list post, I do! I am a fan of other blogs that do just that. I do get scared that people aren't going to read my post because  "Oh look another 20-something blog about being weird and stressed" I also see myself straying away from topics that truly concern me because I do not want to be too dark-- 

Here's what I want; I want to write about getting through a run or a workout with out seeming like a  crazy gym freak although working out has been a big part of my life for quite sometime now!  So who the f cares IF I LOVE IT SO MUCH. 

I also want to be a huge freak and post about yoga and how it really is an emotional release and how you feel a zen happiness when you let yourself fall into it. Yoga is good for your soul- as pretentious as that sounds. 

I want to write about the fact that I am officially going backpacking through Europe in September and that is my single driving force to my post-grad life. That scares the poop out of me because I have spent that last four years dedicated to Theatre and Performance and now my whole being is about getting there. Saving money to get there, working a lot to get there, planning my life around getting there. Is this okay? Why am I not full force working towards performing- why has travel suddenly taking reigns to my future. 

I want to write about texting in regards to dating and how in the world can a small nano message can mean 508 different things to people. "That person put dots.... what? are they mad?"Universal texting rule dots mean something......   "He said Hey :) he's totally into me right?? or wait, is he coming on a little too strong? THAT SMILEY HAS TO MEAN HE ONLY WANTS SEX! 

I want to write about fears, experiences, maybe my outfit of the day if I'm feeling super artsy or like I could potentially be apart of the Pretty Little Liars Cast; this post is to tell you that I am about to have freedom with my writing and maybe just maybe I will relate to some of you- in any way- not just a funny way. Even if its just to you readers in Malaysia (Please don't STEAL my identity)

Sierra Carter