Friday, July 22, 2016

being very cool with things.

-Woke up to my morning phone call from Andy, this is a regular thing and it feels like a necessity.
-Got to work and was greeted kindly by two kiddos whom I've accidentally grown very fond of;I have related to the Bad Moms trailer more than once ad I couldn't hold back my excitement when their Mother told me she found a to-go baggy for wipes. (who have I become) 
-Took kiddos to Pickles Playroom because temps were too hot to play outside. Tyle meets up and we memorize audition monologues while children play around us. 
-Got off work an hour earlier than expected and although I am disappointed to be losing the hours, I am excited to go home and make lunch. Homemade pita veggie pizza with a spinach, strawberry, almond salad.
- Tyle and I play Mario Kart and I win. (this is to be noted because I never win)
-We nap. wake up shower (separately) and get ready for the night. I recite my audition monologue as Tyle showers. No time for usual dance breaks.
-I get on the bus to print my resume for my audition. I put in my headphones and keep reciting my monologue (I think it looks like I'm on the phone) 
-I arrive at the theatre painfully early
- I do my assumed 1 min monologue in 40 second or less 
-I leave, jittery and still nervous. 
-Hop on the train to iO to catch friends in a show 
-Get a text from my boss telling me not to come in tomorrow (not in a fired way, just in a your hours are cut short again kind of way)
-Leave iO in a rush because I let my stress overwhelm me. 
-Take a bus to a train then a walk in the rain home ( very dramatic)
-Text Fajher for insight and advice (he tells me I'm panicking for no reason and I agree)
-Still upset binge eat all the kale (and a few cookies)
-Fall Asleep 
-wake up to roommates in my room giving me love. A whispers in my ear how much he misses me. T ask me what I had for dinner, to which I reply "Kale" and he is shocked "That's fucked up- I'm bringing you a nugget" ---- minutes later I realize no one has pants on. "We lost our pants somewhere" 

but they are very cool with it. 
and I am sure everything will be just fine.