Tuesday, January 7, 2014

"Hey its okay... I'm Graduating from College"

Okay, for as long as I can remember I have been kind of a magazine slut. My obsession started with Tiger Beat, BRAVO and Pop Star.  Justin Timberlake with his frosted tips, Britney Spears with her belly shirts, and the FREE PULL OUT POSTERS plastered the cover of these teen magazines and I am pretty sure the pictures were plastered all over my teenage room.

From Pop Star I moved on to Seventeen Magazine where I felt super mature because I started reading it way before I was 17. (Rebel)

Then from Seventeen I moved to my Mother's naughty copies of  Cosmo and Glamour magazine. (Rebel x 12443)

I would read through these magazines as quickly as possible taking in all the beautiful women, blushing every time I saw the word sex and almost always sweating through my shirt once seeing the "Crazy Sex Positions" article with all the little cartoon people demonstrating positions.......... I'd really like to say a lot has changed but I still sweat of embarrassment when I read those articles.

Seriously though Cosmo, what is a carnal crisscross or a passion propellor?? Who names these positions?

Something that I look forward to, that doesn't make me sweat, is the small "Hey, its Okay" portion of Glamour Magazine.

If you are not familiar with this section of the magazine its just a page of small relatable advice. Examples would be:

Hey it's okay:
.... if you think its weird to have orange juice with out champagne
....if you buy the cheap toilet paper
....to buy a onesie to wear exclusively in your living room

So you get it.
I thought at this particular time in my life it would be appropriate to make a

"Hey it's okay.... I am graduating from college version"

Hey! It's OKAY

....to practice how your hair and face should look in a graduation cap.

...to skip class for no reason at all your final semester; professors will be more forgiving than bosses

...to change your answer every time some one ask "So what's the plan after graduation?" 

...If you throw in "I'm thinking about Grad School" even if you are not at all thinking about Grad School.

...to compile a list of amazing things to do in your last semester of college and instead watch trashy television

... if you cry every time you apply for a job or look at your resume

...if you chase your vodka with wine- embrace the college hangovers

...if you feel haunted, terrified and ecstatic all at the same time

...if you hold on to hope and hold on to the promises you made yourself when you were a wee baby freshman

...if you have faith in your "seemingly useless degree" you made a decision to major in that degree for a reason, stay true to your ambitions; even when you cross the stage and people decide you need a practical job.. those people did not phase you in your first steps of college IT IS ABSOLUTELY OKAY if they do not phase you in your last 

....it is okay to not have it all together; YOU ARE GOING TO BE A COLLEGE GRADUATE.

.. it's okay to not take that title lightly.

best wishes & cheers soon-to-be Grads.