Wednesday, January 15, 2014

pHotO TreNds- (explicit content)

Photo trends are so fun. I think it is really great that we can inspire each other by photo trends. We can inspire each other with out #ootd (outfit of the day) #tbt (throwback thursday) #mcm (man crush monday) #pohf (pictures of hipsters taking pictures of food) #wcw (woman crush wednesday)...
okay, you get it.

A photo trend that has come along and gone~ is the feeties in bath picture.

You know the ones where girls toes are under the faucet and the water may or may not be running and there may or may not be bubbles but it is a super relaxing photo where they caption it with something like....

"Much needed relaxation time"
" #relax #bath #bubbles"
"treating myself"

Here is an example of my favorite bath pictures, my friend +Kelsey Fisher  is just as fab as ever and she  has taken bath time to a special girl time-- She makes me want to take a cutest bath ever.
*notice that Martini?! notice how cute everything is! 

I am really jealous that I missed this trend and never posted a picture like this.

So I am just going to jump on the bath photo trend RIGHT NOW- with new bath photos so there is no chance I will miss the trend again. 

This is my Britney Inspired bath photo. #hardday maybe the bath will help.

"Oh whats this, MRS.WASHINGTON CAME TO VISIT THE BATH. (no homo)

bubble beard 0o0o0o0o0o

bubble beard with unibrow 

and here's my foot at a different angle. Still #relaxing~

#relax #bathtime 


Sierra Carter