Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spring Break Tips!

Guys, I had the best spring break ever.  I know March is almost over and we are all focusing on SUMMER BREAK now but I've decided to make a complied list of tips for having the best spring break ever!

Maybe book mark it or save it for next year or perhaps it will help with your upcoming summer vacation. 

So first lets talk, booking spring break, obviously places book up really fast- the group I went with decided we wanted to go to Panama City Beach, Florida  and started looking for places in December. I have used a website called VRBO for two years and it has been pretty helpful in booking vacation rentals. The website also has a great security agreement so if you get screwed over or scammed VRBO will help you out as much as possible.

  • Book a condo with a full kitchen & a washer and dryer so you can cook yourself and save some money! 
  • Bring yourself some extra towels and blankets, your condo should have them but I'd say it is pretty helpful to have these extra items- unlike a hotel you cannot request more, you get what you get.  
  • Book by January this guarantees you a spot for Spring Break and it gets you excited for something after Christmas! 
Staying Healthy 

We all work pretty hard on our Spring Break Bods and its hard not to let it go once you get to spring break after, all its what you have been working for but here are some helpful hints to let you have a good time but not feel like a bloated ball of greasy food and alcohol.
  • Go grocery shopping the first day! 
    • As a group we decided we only wanted to eat out twice during the week and order pizza another night. On the other nights we cooked dinner for each other this worked out perfectly because we all chose what we wanted to cook and bought items accordingly; for example we had a grilled chicken night, a mexican night and a spaghetti night! 
    • For breakfast one of the girls with us brought a huge bag of quinoa and made us breakfast quinoa for the mornings, it is delicious, healthy and so easy to make; you can find the recipe HERE
    • Buy fruits and veggies to snack on throughout the day; I know as girls we say IF IM DRINKING IM NOT EATING to save calories, don't do this! 
  • Try to be active! 
    • I know its vacation but if you are feeling up to it try to go to the gym at least a few of the days, even if its just walking there and back! Being active will help with hangovers and it will help you feel better in a bathing suit

  • Get Smart Party Pills
    • Honestly these little babies saved our lives! They are a natural supplement you take with your first drink of the night and you wake up like you did not consume those 6 vodka waters at all. They are about 2.00 each at a Sprouts or Whole Foods but I promise they are worth it. 
Get a Party Card
  • When we got to PCB we invested in the 50.00 party card it gets you into certain clubs for free on different nights and free drinks within a certain time period- the downside to having the party card was that we had to get to the bar within the time or else we had to pay the cover charge. The free drinks were great and if we got there at the beginning of the time period we were able to have more than just one. However, there is an option to get a party card to one club, this gets you into the club free at anytime and free drinks within a certain time period. The upside to a one club party card is you can go at anytime you want, the downside is that you can only get into that club and have to pay covers at others. To each there own! 
Other Things! 
  • Don't drink and drive.. obviously but cabs can be really cheap at spring break because they have group taxis that split fee's- so don't do it! 
  • Drink lots a water! 
  • Open yourself up to meeting new people! 
  • Visit the beach at sunrise 
  • Visit the beach AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE 
  • Get the find my friends app, this is a super helpful app during the break because separation is inevitable. 

hopefully those are pretty helpful hints!