Thursday, March 27, 2014

When I grow up... I wonder if....

A blog that I follow called hey hollywood blog did a recent post about all the things she wonders about herself once she grows up... Listen, I don't think we can put a number or a time on the official "Grown Up" age because lets be real at 16 I thought "when I grow up" would be at age 22 and now I am 22 clinging so tightly to the phrase "when I grow up"...

Oh goodness....

when I grow up... I wonder if..

  • I will still immediately search for a quarter upon seeing a gum ball machine 

  • Still take awfully unattractive pictures of myself and share them with the public because I think they are hilarious 

  • With that being said will I still let Tyle  make up photo shoots where I obviously star in
  • I  still buy clothes 8 sizes too big for me for the sake of them not touching my body

  •  floral prints and that face still be my go to

  • I still rock a lot of animal earrings 

  • I still cry about how much I love my best friends to the Kings of Leon song "Use Somebody" in the middle of the bar

  • I will master the art of sober flirting with out sweating through my shirt  

  • I will be apart of any housewives show.. fingers crossed for Atlanta 

  • I will have a golden retriever named Sundance that runs, bikes and swims with me

  • I will still think dress up parties are the bee's knee's

  • I will still be saying bee's knee's 

  • I still take every opportunity to wear a mustache