Tuesday, October 28, 2014

How to Listen to Taylor Swifts New CD 1989

Okay woah, no judgment, I can never deny love for Pop Girl Jams- Taylor Swift is cool and I have bought all her albums so I had to stay true to a sister and purchase this album too.  

The album is fun & a new sound for Taylor Swift. There are still the usual break up songs, girl power songs, songs about being better than men- but this album is a little more spicy.

  How To Guide on: Listening to Taylor Swifts New Album 

1. Welcome To New York- song you play when you want to imagine you and all your friends moving to a new city. *** add Champagne while listening for extra fun. 

2. Blank Space- song you play when you want to do a little shoulder shake and feel like a confident/ carefree/ don't care about any boys but let me show all the boys how fun I am kind of woman. 

3. Style- When you want to let your hair down and rock your head back and forth, in a car (This song will also make you feel like all the boys want you- but you don't want them... duh.)

4.  Out of the woods- Maybe my least favorite song - but damn it is catchy as hell. Listen to this song, wait for the chorus then have a dramatic head shake dance party. 

5.  All You Had To Do Was Stay-  Listen to with a girlfriend. after a breakup- the usual from Taylor. Accompany it with: cheap box wine- then watch Legally Blonde to bring your girl power spirit back up.

6. Shake it Off- WE ALL LOVE THIS SONG- Spice it up with your own remake of the music video.

7. I Wish You Would- If you ever hung up dramatically on a boy- or you want to pretend like you are a teenager and slam stuff around in your room.

8.  Bad Blood- Another after break up song but its a little more girl power, in your face boy- so maybe spice it up with shots of fire ball every time she says Bad Blood.

9. Wildest Dreams- I think this song is sexy. (My roommates disagree) Listen to this song, sing this song- in a robe, in a face mask- to your dog. Maybe accompany it with a bag a chips/ a whole cookies cake and your phone thats not getting any special text messages to have a sexy night with a man.. (just me?)

10. How You Get The Girl- Here it is. The cutesy song of the album, listen to it when you have a stupid crush - Accompany it with baking cupcakes or cookies with your girlfriends.

11. This Love- Listen to while under a water fall or in the rain; or when you are having an all out dramatic moment in your bathroom.

12. I know Places- This is a windows down, driving around singing song- Please do not accompany this song with any drinks. (okay maybe a shot or two) .... (just kidding Running Wild does not endorse Drinking and Driving)

13. Clean- this is the song you pass out to.

Happy Listening.