Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Hostel Tips!

For the majority of my backpacking trip I stayed in hostels. If you do not know what hostels are they are affordable accommodation for travelers.

Much like a dorm room- you share a room with other travelers.

 Most hostels offer different room types from 4-12 beds in a room and the option of having a mixed dorm or a same sex dorm.

This is not to be confused with the movie Hostel. I have never seen it but apparently it is a horror film based in a Hostel where people are locked in and tortured- the only torture I ever encountered was a room with a snoring human.

So here are a few tips/ do's and dont's of staying in a hostel.

1. Use a booking site such as Hostelworld.Com or HostelBookers.Com, I preferred HostelWorld because they have an app available; using the app made it easier to compare prices & see reviews from other travelers.

2. READ THE REVIEWS- Reviews on hostels are done by other travelers and they are usually accurate. The reviews will tell you if a hostel is a party hostel or a quiet one; reviews are great because every traveler is looking for a different type of atmosphere and each hostel definitely has a different atmosphere- the reviews will help you chose your accommodation based on your needs as a backpacker.

3. Staying in hostels is a great way to meet other travelers! Introduce yourself to the people staying in your room or to someone sitting in the lobby- I met some of the best people in hostels- sometimes it is nerve wrecking to talk to a stranger but you never know who you could be missing out on if you never take the initiative to say hello!

4. Take advantage of what the hostel offers- some hostels offer "Bike Rentals" "Free Maps" "Free Walking Tours" or "Pub Crawls" this is a great way to meet other people in your hostel and explore the city you are visiting.

5. If you do decide to return to your dorm extremely late, be respectful of your fellow roommates.

6. IF YOU SNORE- (this is just a suggestion) maybe you should warn your roommates- or give them candy and apologize- or get yourself to a doctor because it is a serious problem if you sound like a grizzly bear when you sleep and I promise at least 3 people in the room with you are awake and plotting your death.

7. Make sure you read the Hostel policies- some hostels have a curfew, some have a key deposit & some have a cash only request. Just read the policies so you show up prepared for your stay.

8. Use the kitchen- most hostels offer a kitchen area for guest to cook their own food. This can save you money and give you a chance to make yourself your favorite meal from home you might be missing.

9. Bring your own lock. Most hostels offer lockers or bins under the bed to put your belongings in- having your own lock makes it easier to lock your stuff up with out paying a fee.

10. Bring your own towel- most hostels do not give you a towel- I bought a microfiber towel from amazon- it was a great travel item!

11. Sometimes "A short walk to (said attraction) " could mean a walk, a metro ride and an intense up hill hike to said attraction.

12. A free breakfast will probably consist of; toast, coffee, nutella & cereal.

13. Enjoy the ride!!