Monday, February 22, 2016

still running wild

But the running has been 
at times
in circles 
in one straight line 
with hurdles
with confusion 
in a dead sprint 
in a slow jog 
in a watching the world move while I sit
while I play Mario Kart
while I pet my dog
while I laugh with my roommate
while I scroll instagram
while I drink coffee
at different shops
while I cry because money
because illness has hit my family
 running wild and searching 
searching for a meaning 
searching for what is important 
romantic relationships?
still running wild.
playing make-believe 
playing make-believe on a stage
running in a dead sprint 
running so much that I can't breathe 
running so little that I feel worthless 
running towards light 
running with light
trying to prove to myself that I am my own light.
still running. 
still running wild.