Tuesday, March 29, 2016

a day in the life.

this post is inspired by Alice. (my own personal comedy mermaid)

5:30am- 6:30- wake up. toss around. start thinking about things I don't want to.
6:45am- keep thinking.
7:00am- finally get out of bed
7:45am- take a quick uber to my new job
8:05am- arrive at my new job
8:05-1:45pm- do all the new job things, think a lot about if this is the right place for me
2:00pm- finally decide it is
2:45pm- text my friend to see if she wants to meet for lunch
3:25pm- chat with my friend over sandwiches and tacos
3:45pm- walk with her to the brown line; Fullerton to Sedgwick
3:55pm- walk down North Avenue and discover that we make each other better
4:00pm- part ways
4:15pm- buy macaroons
4:30pm- enjoy macaroons while listening to a comedy podcast
5:00pm- open google drive and start working on sketches before rehearsal; get a free coffee
7:30pm- go to an apartment to play make-em ups with my favorite lady tribe
10:00pm- head home in an uber pool, share it with two band members who smell bad.
12:00am- walk into my apartment, explain my whole life to Austin; forget to wash my face, pass out on one side of my bed

Jimmy Carrane- .... what advice do you have for someone starting out in improv today? 
Cecily Strong- I would say, go to Chicago