Tuesday, May 7, 2013

an internship and all that jazz

There are so many reasons to love Tina Fey and Amy Pohler. In fact I could link you to so many articles on why this duo rocks. They are everything you want to admire in a woman- they have worked their way up in the comedy world and most importantly they have changed the world of comedy by simply being themselves.
You are probably wondering what these women have to do with my internship but it was looking up to them that made me embark on an improv journey- fall in love with improv  and ultimately seek out professional school and troupes that I could potentially work with in the future.
When I started college I knew the summer between my Junior and Senior year I would need to get some sort of internship or job that pertained to my degree. No more lifeguard or hotel clerk jobs I knew it would be time to grow up. In the fall of 2012 I decided  I wanted to get a summer internship at an Improv school or theatre. I started looking into all the possibilities- Second City, Improv Olympics and The Groundlings Theatre were all places I looked into and applied to. For some reason and maybe, its because another inspirational woman in comedy, Kristin Wigg, started there, The Groundlings Theatre stood out to me. They seemed fun and inviting also its a non-profit organization which is pretty cool in the world of entertainment. In January I got an email from The Groundlings Theatre asking to set up a phone interview and after the phone interview I was notified that I got the internship!!!
I imagine  I danced around my apartment something like this…
crazy hands and all
In fact, the man living underneath me came up to tell to me be a little quieter. (Side Note: It was about 1:30 in the afternoon when he came and asked me to be quiet, this request was followed by many other mid-day be quite request, I think he slept during the day so he could remodel his apartment at night WHEN NORMAL PEOPLE SLEPT… we had issues)
So thats where I am..
I am headed to Los Angeles May 24th and I will be there all summer long. I am so excited but I am really scared and sad to leave my friends and the normal summer memories. However, I am ready for a whole new exciting adventure.
Wish me luck!