Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Ballet for non-majors and OUR HATE HATE relationship

Today marks exactly 17 days until this semester is in the history books ladies & gents.
As of lately my life has changed a lot; this is all because I will be living in West Hollywood this summer. The two thoughts that run repeatedly in my mind are: “FINALS ARE WHEN” & “WHERE WILL I SLEEP TONIGHT” also “I HATE BALLET” but that thought has been a repetitive one throughout the semester. So, I will finally let it out and as of May 10th HOPEFULLY my career will never make me practice ballet again.
Casting Call  for a Prima Ballerina: COUNT ME OUT!
Why I hate Beginning Ballet For Non-Majors:
First of all, let me point out that as a theatre performance major this class is a requirement, this makes you think- “Oh well it wont be so bad, its for non-majors; I am sure everyone will be at the same level as you” and typically I think thats how it is but this semester must have been an exception. I walked in first day with my tank top, leggings from forever 21 and ballet shoes that a friend of mine let me borrow. Everyone else… well every other girl is in a full out leotard-white tights- spiffy broke in ballet flats and  a small framed body. Let me just tell you that I felt extremely out of place. One girl is doing a full out routine in front of the mirror (which she continues to do every day for the rest of the semester) another girl is in a full out splits position with her mouth practically eating her toes and a few others girls are conversing about being a dancer before or about being a current dance major. Everyone in this class has experience– also there are mirrors everywhere and I don’t know about you but I am one of those girls that avoid mirrors at all possible causes. There is no way I want to watch myself fail miserably at ballet for 45 mins. So I have suffered in ballet all semester long- I found a buddy who barely knows what he is doing but he is a big ogre man and it is completely acceptable for him not to be coordinated and its actually really cute. But me…. I look a little like this:
but even this girl is more coordinated looking than me.
Last ballet class, however, I was feeling pretty good about my ballet skills and how I have learned. We were doing our normal dancing ( my dancing being behind two beats,legs flopping back and forth and hands just somewhere in the air) But LAST CLASS– at the bar I was feeling pretty prima ballerina. I was focused, I was on point, I was doing the right movements FINALLY. Then, the professor gets closer to me while taking her stroll around the room; I am pretty sure she has given up on me, so she barely comments on my dancing but today she opens her mouth while walking past me and I JUST KNOW SHE IS GOING TO PRAISE MY WONDERFUL TECHNIQUE. Thats when she says, straight face, “It’s right hand on the bar” I then look around the room to notice all my classmates the opposite way which happens to be staring right at me – I then convert to my manly laugh and try to smile at my professor like “what an idiot I am huhuhuhuh” she doesn’t even smile. — I fail.
also later in that class we did jumps as in both legs, one in front- one behind jumps, when I went the whole class chuckled. I fail again.