Sunday, June 9, 2013

Ellie Goulding has never been so right

Woah, woah, woah ladies and gents have I got a story for you.
Before I can even begin to explain what happened to Marissa and I tonight I need to rewind a few days back and tell you that a lot did not change from my last post about the friend business till yesterday. Once again I will say that being in a new city is challenging and for some of the time I have found myself lonesome and in need of people other than Marissa– Marissa came to that realization a few days ago too.
It is really hard to hear from our friends back home and hear how much fun everyone is having– how our friends are all hanging out with each other, how they are going out, how that are having such fun, fun, fun summer experiences- we miss you guys dearly and would love to be with you. We are so blessed by THIS experience but we are really missing the group hangouts and IT JUST SUCKS NOT HAVING OTHER FRIENDS OKAY?!
Anyway , after crying (as in one glistening tear)… okay I mean SOBBING soaked napkin tears (mostly me)… okay I mean ONLY me; over some really terrible mexican food we decided to stop complaining and just simply enjoy the summer, we made a list of all the things we want to do in California before we leave and decided that if some friends come along they will.
Which brings me to TODAY.
On Saturdays, I work the 8pm and 10pm show at The Groundlings- I got Marissa a free ticket to the 10 P.M. show so she could come and see what The Groundlings are all about. While I was at work two ladies working front of house mention that it’s LA Pride weekend and they really want to go out, one girl turns to me and says “Hey would you want to go?, wait are you 21?” Probably WAY TO EAGERLY I quickly return with a YES IM 21! Immediately, I text Marissa and tell her I finally got asked to go out and I am so excited and of course she is going blah blah blah… overly excited.
Well, it turns out that those girls end up not going out at all so Marissa and I venture alone into LA pride weekend.
We get out to the bar/strip area around 1:30AM –
Let me mention this as a side note: going to a Pride Weekend Outing can be such a confidence booster, it seems that the Gay Men love to compliment people and at one point Marissa had  a crowd part to clear a sidewalk for her to walk through- She started strutting, Gay men starting cheering and I was just a proud mom with a wide mouth and fist doing air circles, strolling behind her.
@ 1:30 The Bars are shutting down but the streets are still hopping. We find a place that is open until 4 A.M. so we decide to stay in line and go into this bar. The wait was forever…… we probably stood in this line for 30-45 mins, only to find out the cover was going to be $20.00 and they would not be serving alcohol. Marissa and I left the line and decided to head back to where we parked.
On the way back to the car we started getting to a quieter side of the streets and naturally Marissa and I start getting a little freaked out. At the intersection we see two guys walking and we kinda stagger behind them both thinking “If it looks like were with them, no one with mess with us” They then turn around and start engaging in general conversation. Hi Ladies how are you? What have you been up to tonight? Typical Small Talk. We talk to them all the way to ours cars and just as natural conversation goes they stop as we stop at our car to finish whatever conversation we had been having. At that moment a group of people start walking by just shouting things and being rambunctious and one guy stops and says THIS IS MY FRECKLE GIRL…
He was referring to Marissa’s beautiful freckles and he and a man named Radar start talking to Marissa, Myself and the guys we met at the intersection— this all might be very confusing because I am terrible with names but Marissa and I are standing there with the guys we met 3 blocks up from our car, a guy that complimented Marissa’s freckles way early in the night (who ran into us again) and a guy named Radar.
Everyone gets to conversing… me with Radar, Marissa with block boys, the block boys with the guy who loves freckles, me with the block boys, Radar with block boys… then Radar hands me $50.00 out of nowhere.. THIS IS NOT A LIE LADIES AND GENTLEMAN and complete stranger hands me $50.00 and says  ”There is a place called Norms its a diner, hang out with these boys more (block boys), make some friends Welcome to LA girls”
Radar and his friend leave;
The block boys join us for some dessert at Norms- the total was 25 something- I slap down that 50.00- we leave that table- our waiter comes out the side door as we are leaving to say thank you for the tip and just like that the paying it forward loop has been started.
so you’re right Ellie Goulding.. Anything Could Happen