Monday, June 3, 2013

just a small town girl

When I thought about my summer in LA I obviously pictured myself in the more glamorous part of the United States; I pictured my life to be nothing less than MTV’s old show The Hills and more than likely I would have 60 rich best friends in a matter of days.
And then I remembered how not glamorous I am and how I would probably do a manly laugh or some weird movement with my hands and scare all my friends away.
And I also got to LA and realized that we live in the not so glamorous part but it is exactly where I was supposed to end up for this summer and it is exactly the way I need to live.
On a small scale of things, in this neighborhood I have experienced and almost mastered the art of parallel parking…. okay who am I kidding I cant even park in a regular parking lot.. but I have experienced cute fruit stands, sweet Mexican ladies, walking a few blocks to do laundry, authentic mexican food and a yoga class taught completely in Spanish.
inhalar y exhalar 
that’s all I picked up.
On a bigger scale of things my first week at Groundlings has gone well! It is so exciting to be apart of the Groundlings theatre and learn from people heavily involved with improv. I audition to start their professional track of classes next week so hopefully all goes well and I can start taking classes.
On Friday I work box office at the theatre and this Friday the tech guy happened to be sitting down and chatting with me as a woman came up to purchase tickets. I properly helped the woman and she went on her way– as she turned around I noticed the price tag on her clothing was still intact, me being the person that I am jumped up to go help this woman out-
Tech guy: What’s wrong?
Me: That woman still has the tag on her shirt, I am going to go tell her.
Tech guy: No no sit down that’s not your job just let her go..
Me (sits down)
Tech guy: It does say something about your character though
Me: spins around in my very large office chair feeling pretty good about the nice person I am
Tech guy: It says you’re a TARGET!!
So there you have it folks I am a target to all scam artist cause of my generous attitude.
On an even bigger scale of things I have had the pleasure of exploring California this passed week. We visited Santa Monica Pier, Runyon Canyon, a really neat flea market and Venice Beach this week.
To be completely honest being here has been a great experience but it also has been a struggle. I don’t know if its all the down time I have because my lack of friends, I have two Marissa and Pam, Pam even ditched us all weekend… Party Animal, but maybe I am just dramatic or small town. The city can be extremely overwhelming and being alone a lot can be well… lonely. I think this is the best thing that could of happen to me, I think I will be a better person because of it. I will welcome newcomers to the state of Oklahoma with open arms because I now understand how hard it can be, I will also be sure to hug all my hometown friends a little tighter cause who knows if ill make friends like them out here.
If all else fails it is a less than 30-minute drive to the beach or a comedy show– two things that make me the happiest.