Friday, June 21, 2013

brain dump

- My class at Groundlings has started and I LOVE IT.
-Marissa got her phone stolen at a bar- right out of her purse- :(
-Marissa and I are thinking about participating in a burlesque class- if you know anything about the two of us being “SEXY” isn’t exactly what you know about us- “awkward man laugh”
Actually speaking of SEXY and me, today in my IMPROV class we played a game called “Emotional Symphony” if you are not familiar with this game it goes a little something like this- the ensemble stands in a half circle and the teacher gives each person an emotion angry, depressed, sassy, flirty, bored ect.. in that emotion you as an ensemble member have to pick either a sound or a saying for example if you’re mad you can yell “AHHHH” or “FUCK YOU” or “grunt in anger”  then she points at you and you make the same sound or say the same something every time. Eventually she points to different people at different times and it sounds like a symphony of emotion.
So she starts this game by giving everyone an emotion– she gets to me and gives me LUST.
Immediately in my brain I am thinking
“okay, what does someone say when they are lustful?”
“Oh.. boy?”
No, Sierra all those are weird- lustful.. LUSTFUL.. LUSTFULLL okay make a sound- what kind of sound do people make when they are in lust? Uhhhhh? Eeeeahhhh? Epp?
So she points at me- for whatever reason I kind of cock my shoulders and do a sort of “ahh” sound while smiling.
Do that right now smile big and softly say “Ahh”
Sounds pretty lustful right?
The teacher chuckels to herself and says “Okay, even bigger next time I point at you Sierra”
So I think okay bigger, I can do that!
She points at me – I cock my shoulders again because I think lustful women move their shoulders.. and even louder do an UNNNNYAAAA and sorta of throw my hand in the air — she laughs louder this time and says no haha be lustful touch your body and she feels up the side of her body and I try to imitate her with a deeper voice “ANUOOOWOO”  followed by weird hip movements and everyone chuckles– she continues the game each time pointing and chuckling at me.
That being said I know that Oxygen will be calling me soon to play a part in their new desperate housewives esque show “Dirty Maids”
I ride my bike here a lot because work is close and parking/ traffic is such a hassle. When I ride my bike I get a lot of my contemplation out- I feel like a lot of the times I just think, think, think, think.
What am I doing here?
My legs hurt!
Could I live here?
I couldn’t live here!
Well, maybe
Its hot
Please don’t hit me car, please don’t hit me..
HAHA no stopping at stop signs for this  biker
Gosh riding a bike is really cool
I really want coffee
What is my life?
Go faster this is sort of exercise
I should google bike laws
Mostly my thoughts come and go but sometimes I get to really thinking.. Today,  I was thinking about how the people in my Groundlings class and I got together after class. We have had 4 classes together but today was the first time we got together outside of class. They posed for a picture that I snapchatted to some of my friends in Oklahoma. I told them I have to show my friends back home that I HAVE FRIENDS HERE. They laughed, on my bike rode home I was thinking how weird I was… how they hopefully weren’t freaked out by me… and then it reminded me of how I did the same thing to my friends in Edmond when I first moved, I have searched all forms of media and cannot find the picture but I remember it- and I remember telling my new Edmond friends (that I really JUST started hanging out with)  I needed to document my new friends to my old friends..  and thinking about that picture and how close I have become with the people in that picture makes me hopeful that history will repeat itself.
I really wish I could find the Edmond picture- dear friends are in it that, at the time, were strangers participating in my weird new friend documentation.
These guys are doing the same :)