Wednesday, July 24, 2013

cheese balls and lots of love

California is beautiful and so is my best friend. 
I know this is going to be cheesy and I know it might not mean anything to anyone else but I have spent time thinking of a clever status– or a clever S/O to Marissa thanking her for joining me on this journey and what I have come to find is that she deserves more than a measly 180 Characters- she needs a bigger thank you than this post but here it goes.
First of all I’d like everyone to understand what exactly the circumstances between us were this summer. We were in a new city so we only had each other therefore along with endeavoring a whole new way of life, we also only had each other to vent to about it. We also had to share a bed- we slept together in a tiny room and were constantly all up in each others space. If you are a girl I think you completely understand what kind of hell that can be– some best friends relationships are ruined after living with each other in separate rooms. However, I can happily say that Marissa and I have come out of this experience even closer than we were before.
I have been beyond blessed with this angel I call my friend.
So Thank You Marissa.
Thank you for taking a leap and joining me on this adventure. Thank you for venturing into the unknown, if it wasn’t for you I can truly say I would not of survived out here. Thank you, for holding my hand and crying over really bad Mexican food with me the second week here. Thank you for being a confidence booster and telling me exactly what I needed to hear at scary low times. Thank you for sharing a bed with me and not getting annoyed by my crazy antics and random morning songs. Thank you for being open to new experiences.  Thank you for taking care of me when once again my card was declined because its from Oklahoma. Thank you for all of your honest moments: how you really feel about boys I’ve dated, the potential you think I have, just the honest love you have given me. Thank you for needing me as well and always returning the love I give to you. Thank you for dealing with my high stress moments- the heavy traffic and finding parking always brought me into a state of harsh freak out and you always deal with it in the most positive way. Thank you for understanding that some country songs regardless if they apply to your life at all make you cry. Thank you for doing things just for my amusement and laughing at my stupid jokes. Thank you for being a total kid with me and going nuts at Disneyland and not judging but joining me in plans to push small children out of the way. Thank you for visiting my sweet Nana and holding me up in front of her because  I had for too much to drink.  Thank you for meeting my family and thoroughly enjoying them- they  love you. Thank you for dying laughing at the weirdest stuff and thank you for the memories.
Most of all, Thank you for being apart of my dream and thank you for instilling the confidence to move forward with what I wish to do.
—s0000 cheesy I know… go eat a cookie or watch a cat video- also here is this picture of  Marissa.