Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Okay guys.

I am probably the biggest  internet creep ever.

If I take an interest in someone, like a blogger, a recent cast member of SNL, the girl with sweet style who passed me in the hallway-- let it be known that I will find all internet content about them, including their hidden lip sync video with 56 views they made in middle school. This only becomes problematic when said interesting people are out living life and I am at home sharing a bag of goldfish with my dog.

here is a little snippet of how my mind works whilst scrolling through pictures of admirable people:
(names in this scenario have been made up)

Oh hey... sassgirl45 you have abs now....begin frantic crunches
oh hey...tootledee you're in Spain drinking wine looking like a million bucks..... begin small tears with realization that I LOOK LIKE A HELL DEMON and will probably never be able to go to Spain until I graduate and on that note what the hell am I going to do when I graduate... engage ugly cry face.... I'm concerned.

My willpower will go from a 100 to zero in a one small second.
One second I'm planning workouts, conjuring up healthy snacks, saying no no no to junk. Turn the corner- I'm eating chocolate. I don't know how this happens.... I'm Concerned. 

 In May I will hopefully be graduating from college with a degree in Theatre Performance- this means that I have dedicated the last four years to learning all about theatre and acting HOWEVER in real life when I encounter moments I need to "act" I can't do it. 
Example: Getting pulled over. lying. pretending to be on my phone. acting like I am in a rush and cant talk to the mall booth people. 
I'm concerned. 

I think its time to come to terms with the fact that I will never be a functioning adult; one who can paint her nails with out smudging them, who can opt for a real bra rather than a sports bra, who can keep plants alive, who can have phone conversations with businesses with out having a minor heart attack, who can go one day with out making a poop joke, who can live with out a gum ball from that machine...and for that the world should be concerned. 

you can click here  to find my long lost youtube video when I was still a weirdo.


I hope you like my new blog place :)


Sierra Carter