Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving?

Happy Holidays!

I had a wonderful thanksgiving with my family and I am thankful.. so... so thankful; However, in the light of things I couldn't help but make up a list of things I am,

  • hangovers- I just don't understand how such a fun beverage can kick our ass the next day.
  • Fit Moms in the gym- You know the ones, they look super cute AND THIN in their stylish gym clothes but all you see them do is walk briskly on the treadmill whilst gabbing to their other cute fit moms- and I'm over on the treadmill in a paint stained tee shirt working through sprints and sweats looking like I could of popped out your 3 little brats myself- I am not thankful for you fit mom. 
  • Rejection- I wish rejection letters, emails, speeches, ect.. came with a giant bouquet of flowers and maybe a free puppy; life would be better for everyone.
  • Alarm Clocks- They just suck. 
  • Waking Up- Sleeping is so good, and waking up is no fun- especially when its by an alarm clock. Waking up should immediately come with good things- sunflowers, waffles, a hot man to hold, a free puppy again... 
  • Razor Burn- no one wants that nonsense 
  • Car Farts-  just in general.. not thankful for them

With that being said, I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.

Go hug your family, embrace their weird because nobody's family is as perfect as the holiday commercial families.. and that is okay cause who would want to be with a perfect family anyway? 




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