Tuesday, April 8, 2014

WINNERS/LOSERS [weekend recap]

I really don't think it is a secret that I love me some Saturday Night Live; one of my favorite sections of the show is weekend update. It's funny because when I was younger I would HATE when it was time for weekend update and now that I am older weekend update is that part I'll shush everyone just to enjoy a little bit of current events humor. I AM GROWING UP!!!! AHH! 

But the reason I bring that up is because last weekend was a pretty eventful one and I wanted to write about it, the best way to convey my weekend was with a little bit of WINNERS/LOSERS fun taken from SNL: Weekend Update

Winners and Losers [Sierra's Weekend]

Loser- The man dressed up at the Medieval who tried to touch our bums; how many ladies did he get this reaction with?

winner- All of us getting to eat a good amount of fair like foods- kettle corn, corn dogs, candied almonds

Loser- Nicole for letting me order her Starbucks- FAIR WARNING never order a Venti Iced Vanilla Mocha.. none of the Starbucks people even questioned it... it taste like chalk 

Winner- Nicole! She got us VIP access to a fun club in OKC 

Loser- Every guy who avoided dancing with me- Listen up gentlemen, I have some killer dance moves and sorry I don't want to immediately shove my bum into your lower region but I like to dance weird in front of people before we get that close. 

Winner- The cast of my sketch show! I am so proud of my little clan, they put up with me and a huge amount of other stressful factors and we pulled off a show! We should be very proud of, Bravo!!

Winner- +Kelsey Fisher - she really saved one of our sketches and I am so thankful for her and her weird brain "Tampons, Oh those are like little tiny cotton penises" 

Winner- My group of friends getting to spend time with people we never see! 

Loser- Any guy who gets way to close to your face to use the line "Do I know You?"

Loser- Trying to go to a hole in the wall waffle house  and being ignored and not seated for over 45 mins. 

Winner- Me for having a lovely friend Demi who likes me enough to drive two hours to spend the night with me and then go to breakfast at my favorite place in the morning! 

Winner- Demi! for getting to try a  Lunch Box! 

Loser- My legs, they suffered through dancing, sketch rehearsing, ghost possession practicing and running 10 miles this past weekend. 
Slow and steady! Just barely making it! 

Winner- ME! My life is really great and even when I think I am in the worst possible situation it can always get better with the friends I have been blessed with.  
I love you people.


Sierra Carter