Tuesday, September 23, 2014

When in doubt go to Prague

I have always looked at life in an "everything happens for a reason" kind of light. Bad things happen so that people will learn something or vice versa- I think it is the water sign in me that brings out this whimsical-woo-la-di-da way of looking at life; even when I am faced with the unhappiness life can bring. 

So, on this trip I expected nothing short of the regular "everything happens for a reason" lifestyle. 

And I of course have had those moments- moments when I thought I would do one thing and turns out I meet someone and they convince me to do otherwise which ends in me meeting someone else wonderful- just a circle of everything happens for a reason. Details to come- i just need to get to the point of this post. 

So, when I got to Amsterdam I sort of started doubting my decision to go to Munich Germany for their Oktoberfest- one part of me said, when will I ever be here again during this time to see this sort of event? The other part of me wanted to skip it completely save some money (actually a lot of money) and see other places I had not originally planned on seeing. 

So I just gave myself- "the sign" verdict to commit to my next plans. 

I just needed a sign- that said Sierra please go to Munich, enjoy the festivities, drink beer - have a blast 
 Or one that said- you can skip it. Go see other parts of Europe, save some money, Oktoberfest is every year.

So I did get my sign but it turns out I have been getting my sign A LOT throughout this trip.

I wanted to go to Prague before I started this trip but for whatever reason I decided I shouldn't go
I have met on ton of people either on their way; coming from; or loving every thing about Prague.
I would be so jealous when they talked thinking "gosh I want to go there" 

Still did not take a hint. 

So whoever my sign giver is decided to slap me in the face with not only credit card fraud (turning into a cancelled card-turning into a financial panic) but also a cold/flu/plague thing so that even if I went to Oktoberfest I would not get to partake in the festivities because I have to make myself well and not drink beer.

Finalizing this with, thank you life. 

Tonight I am in Prague and despite the sickness and fraud I am so happy. 

Please send all the love- I will be healthy and happy tomorrow and not dead because I won't get murdered by the people in my hostel due to coughing/sneezing sicklyness