Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Rainy Rambles.

Tuesdays will now be my alliteration days~ wooh hoo, get excited- I am finally committing to a for sure weekly blog post on Tuesdays!

It seems like today I just have a bunch of crap to ramble jamble about so imma get to jambling and you get to......... reading. (Honestly, tried to make it rhyme.. was not happening)  

>> I have been trying a few Pinterest things this week and so far I am satisfied with the outcome. If you are looking for a way to make your home smell a little better, my roommate, Austin pinned this before we moved into our apartment and we finally got around to trying it out.

BudgetSavvyDiva.Com suggest that you put 2 teaspoons of vanilla in a coffee mug and place the coffee mug in your oven at 300 degrees for an hour.  It makes your house smell like a cute little bakery! 

My second Pinterest find, is a teeth whitening home remedy thing. I have been going pretty crazy with the tea and coffee lately and my teeth are not hiding it for me. I went to Target to purchase some sort of whitening kit or strips and then I remembered how broke I am so I went to Pinterest to hopefully find  homemade teeth whitening suggestions- I found this

So I tried it and will try it once a week as suggested; so far I feel like my teeth seem whiter. This was definitely a cheaper investment than white strips or gels. However, my gums did burn just a little bit - haha I don't know if this is a good or bad sign.. we will see in a few weeks when my gums start to deteriorate. 

>> At first, I started this post talking about how rainy days just want to make me cuddle with my little doggie and as I was typing, I tried to refer to Benjy as my little BUBBY- so the sentence read something like " I like to just lay in bed and cuddle my little "bubby" but my computer kept auto-correcting BUBBY to Hubby and I had minor heart attacks every time it changed- So that will be added to the list of "Why Sierra is not ready for marriage" 

Side note:  If I ever write about my future/imaginary/probsnotgunnahappen hubby; please shoot me dead if I  refer to him as my "little" hubby. Or if I refer to him as hubby, period. 

>> This week my soul sister Marissa moves into my apartment for another summer adventure! If you have been following this blog for awhile, you know that the original reason for starting the blog was to share my summer adventure, last summer. 

If you did not read them you can check out some post: And so the adventure begins, Just a Small Town Girl, &  Currently Exploring California 

This summer isn't as uprooting as last summer was; I am staying in Edmond working at a Theatre Camp and Marissa is moving here to work at the hotel, I also work at. Luckily enough, we both have jobs working with the degree's we just graduated with.

BUUTTT it is really hard to compare this coming summer with last summer. 

On this day last summer, I was just settling into my internship and her into her new job; we were scared and amazed all at the same time. We did something we will never ever forget and this coming summer in comparison seems prettttttty lame. 

It is hard not to get down on myself.. maybe I should of tried to get another internship or maybe I should of tried to move this summer or SOMETHING! 
but.. I keep telling myself this; 

We create our own adventure 

In my opinion; adventure is about the attitude we wake up with every single day. If I wake up every day thinking "Oh wow- same o' same o'" then more than like likely I am probably going to have a pretty average day. There are so many things I can be looking forward to this summer!

I get to spend much needed summer time with my male counter parts Austin & Tyle
I get to go to the lake multiple times with Demi (this is me inviting myself Demi Jackson)
I literally get to surround myself with the people I missed so dearly last summer! (I am talking to you Kaitlin & Kelsey) 
I can get snow cones on the daily. 
Frontier City, Paint your Art Out, & Camping at Turner Falls are just small things that are making the summer list. 
Everything is what you make of it. Sure, we won't be able to visit the beach every single day nor will we almost die every day in traffic but I am almost certain this summer will be for the books!

So, if your reading this, even if you are exactly where you have been; if you aren't traveling and you don't have seemingly awesome plans..... 



A Harvest of Blessing