Monday, May 19, 2014

Take me to Vegas!

I just got back from the funnest trip to Las Vegas! My dear friend Demi and I decided to go to Vegas for our post graduation gift to ourselves. We both have college degree's now, it's WILD!

When we finally booked our flight I immediately starting googling and Pinteresting  everything there was to know about Vegas. I found these sites extremely helpful: Do's and Don't of Vegas Things to do in Vegas for under $20.00

  I have been to Vegas one other time before so hopefully I can combine both trips and help someone out who is planning a trip to Sin City in the future.

>>Booking a flight and hotel

I wish I had way more tips on booking a flight but I have come to realize that the earlier you book the cheaper the flight will be. So try to book as early as possible to get a cheaper deal. 

The first time I went to Vegas I stayed at Harrah's and the second time we stayed at Flamingos. For Harrah's reservations we got the best deal through but for Flamingos we booked directly with the hotel.. When I compared prices it seemed like all hotels get way more expensive Friday-Sunday  so if you can go earlier in the week- that's where you will get lower prices of hotel rooms. Flamingos and Harrah's are located central of the strip. They are both nice but dated hotels. Flamingos has an awesome pool! If you are going to Las Vegas to hang out at a nice pool for an affordable price Flamingos is a great place to stay.

When booking a place to stay this map of the strip was really helpful! Also if you are going with a group of people and you all are splitting the room you could probably stay at most of these places for a very affordable price!

This map also shows you how to get around using the Monorail- I only used it one time and ended up walking back to our hotel. It is super easy to walk around in Vegas if you do not want to spend money on cabs (wear comfortable shoes).  However, if you chose to stay off the strip or at the very end of the strip the monorail website might be helpful! 

>>Fun things to do

Obviously this is a really silly topic because Las Vegas is literally full of fun things to do but here is a little run down of what we did.

It is so fun to just walk around and go into all the hotels. Most of the nights we went out with a few hotels in mind and then ended up running into things to do.

The first night we went into Senor Frogs  located at Treasure Island Hotel. Señor Frogs has such a fun staff and atmosphere that makes it a really great place to start your night at.

After leaving Señor Frogs we ran into a promoter for the Mirage Hotel. In Vegas if you are girls and you are dressed up promoters will approach you. Promoters will offer you so many incentives to go into their club. Free admission, free drinks- they want women in their club. Once you meet one of them you just have to decide if they are legit or not. They will usually be really helpful and offer to walk you into the club put you in line and tell the people to let you in free; the will also offer to give you their phone number which they will text you and say something like Justin- Promoter for the Mirage Hotel. 

My tip is this remember your promoters name- that way if you get up to the front and they tell you to pay- you can say "Promoter told me its free" and hopefully that will help you out. It is great to be a girl in Vegas. 

We ended up going to One Oak in the Mirage and it was such a fun club! 

Like I mentioned before walking around is a lot of fun. Here are a few pictures from us walking around The Strip. 
Bellagio Fountains

Caesars Palace 

We went to the dance club in Paris Hotel called Chateau. It was a lot of fun and a club I would recommend. Another club we went to was TAO   in The Venetian and it was also a lot of fun! 


One of the coolest things we did was see a Cirque Du Soleil show, if you can afford to go see one DO IT! They are so great, everything about the show is a performance! We saw O at the Bellagio and it was fantastic! I have heard that all of them are great- my tip would be to look up the youtube trailers for the different shows and decide from there which one to attend. 

Another fun thing to do is go to a pool party! Demi and I were pretty satisfied with The Flamingo's pool but we ended up meeting people who were at a pool party at Tao Beach Club at The Venetian.

There were a lot of people and it was so fun. 

>> Other Tips! 

If you are driving to Las Vegas bring your own alcohol, if you are flying go to a liquor store off the strip and purchase your choice of beverages there. Drinks are not cheap in Vegas but you do not get in trouble for carrying a drink around outside. My suggestion is to take a drink to go, save money and drink responsibly :) 

Also buy groceries off the strip eating out; not that much saves a lot of money.

When you check into your hotel talk to the front desk and make sure there are no hidden fees. Make sure you see a run down of what you are being charged for and make sure you clarify exactly what you are being charged. 

Look into the shows inside your hotel- they can be affordable and fun! 

Go to happy hours to get drinks and food cheaper. 

Talk to people! We met so many other travelers and they were willing to give us advice and have just as good of a time with us. 

Don't take the weird naked cards from people on the street. 

Drink lots of water- with the heat it is so easy to get dehydrated.

Do as much as possible and have the time of your life!!