Monday, September 8, 2014

Castles & Pubs



4- the amount of times I have almost cried due to things being way too surreal or cute
500 cups- an estimated (probably a little dramatic) amount of coffee I have had since arriving on this trip
One Day- amount of time it took for me to change my plans 
One hour- the amount of time it took me to meet a friend I wil never forget
 Zero- the amount of times I have felt lonely 

Planning this trip I knew that Ireland was somewhere I wanted to spend a fair amout of time. My Nana is Irish; I love the accent & I have watched P.S. I love you way too many times not to have a romantizced ideal of Ireland. With all those ideas in my head,  I booked five nights in Dublin. 

Dublin was great its a little walking city full of history, colorful doors and pubs on every corner- however it is busy and it is full of tourist (which is what I am so no shame in that) but I didnt really feel like I was getting my full Ireland experience. 

I stayed at Jacobs Inn hostel which offered a walking tour and a pup crawl. If you are going to Dublin my advice would be to take advantage of what your hostel offers; this is a great way to meet other travellers and learn more about the city you are in. 

In Dublin I visited the Guiness factory with a cute French boy who was just now learning English. Our language barrier was funnier than you would think; we mostly communicated slowly and through a bunch of laughs. He was the first person I met and we continued to spend time together through out Dublin. He was the first person I met that was in Dublin to study English. I countined to meet people who were in Dublin to study English for a year or so. Learning English seems to important for people of other contries and I think it should be important for me to learn another language as well. 

Why should I be so naive to think that everyone will speak English and how wonderful will it be to be able to speak something other than English. 

On a walking tour I met Amiee, a girl from Canada who was travelling alone. She was headed to different parts of Ireland and we bonded over coffee, P.S. I love you & how sexy an Irish accent is.  After meeting her I decided to leave Dublin and go with her to Kikenny & Cork, Ireland. A change in plans that I was so happy I made. 

Kilkenny was a wonderful fairy tale town & in Cork I finally met a ton of Irish people.


The picture above is from Kilkenny- I could have stayed in the little picturesque spot for hours; This spot was complete bliss if I ever ever felt it before. 

Today I am on to Scotland to meet up with the friends I met last summer while I was in L.A. it is weird how things work out.

Final thoughts-

No matter what language you speak - a group of people will always be brought together with music and beer. 
Staying in hostels is not as bad as you would think
I never realized how much I would miss petting my dog- every time I see one I almost die
Being disconnected from your regular world makes you more envious of your own world- if that makes sense- I am learning to love what I have and what I am doing is more inspiring to me than what others are doing. 

also my friends back home love me a lot.
you guys are the best #NPATB

Cheers! (for real this time)


also sorry this post is wonky- I am posting from an Ipad and still learning how to adjust things, just bare with me