Wednesday, April 30, 2014

little blogging world

So I have a few friends in Oklahoma who also have blogs and I am lucky because we really support each other; I try to throw in their blog when I get an opportunity into my blog and they all do the same to me as well. 

My friend +Katie Marshall has a blog that is fantastic! She writes about style and every day things which is fitting because her blog is called Style&Things. Anyways, she is great and her little blog was nominated for an award and with that award she had to nominate other blogs. She nominated my blog and because she did I have to answer a few questions she sent my way. 

I feel like xanga all over again and I am totally okay with that. 

What city inspires you the most?
I feel like this is a hard question to answer because I am constantly falling in love with cities I have never been. I get really obsessed with places that are full of artistic opportunities. My most recent one has been Chicago! I have never been but I am going there this summer (ironically enough with +Katie Marshall & +Austin Ratcliff ) Chicago is booming with theatre and improv and that is where my heart is- so hopefully when I go I will be extra inspired.

What's your favorite flower?
I just recently started buying flowers for my porch but I probably couldn't tell you the name of any of them. I think sunflowers are my favorite they are wild, free and bright. Also I don't fear killing them because they are pretty tough. 

Do you think your astrological sign describes your behaviors?
Yes. I think I am a pisces 100%. They are dreamers and very emotion driven. Me. 

Would you rather go to the beach or to the city?
The beach. All day everyday. 

If you could be anything you wanted to be, what would you pick?
This is a really hard question for me. I think I would be a hybrid of all these things- 
actress/writer/SNL cast member/travel blogger

so.... someone make that happen. 

Road trip or airplane?
I prefer road trips- although long hours in the car can be AWFUL- I like the freedom of having your own vehicle on trips. 

What's your favorite inspirational quote?
I am an inspirational quote slut. 
I love them all. 
I will keep it simple though.

Takeout or home made?
I hate to pull the healthy card but I cook mostly healthy meals for myself and I really like what I cook. HOWEVER if I am sad or had a bad day TAKE OUT ALL THE WAY

What would you do with 100,000 dollars?
I would blow it on travel, I would travel everywhere and take all my friends. 

If you could have dinner with anyone in the world, who would it be?
that hot man I saw running last week with the cutest golden doodle... haha okay but for real Chelsea Handler.  

What celebrity would you choose to be your BFF?
Amy Poehler- I feel like together we would really weird some people out. 

Dont forget to check out Katie's  blog!!