Saturday, April 26, 2014

taking a 13.1 mile stroll around OKC tomorrow.

Happy Happy Memorial Marathon!

 I started loving running a little over four years ago but I am just going to come out and say that I am no running expert. I ran 5ks for fun and I knew eventually I wanted to run a half marathon, so this year, FINALLY I decided to commit to it and this Sunday (tomorrow) April 27th I will be running my first and depending on how it goes maybe my last half marathon.

This post has been brewing in my mind the whole time I have been training and now that I am at the end of my training I think its time to give four little tips on:

 how to get through a run. 

>> Create the best playlist
             I know what you are thinking and this one is pretty obvious but it really did help me get pumped up to run. I'll give you just a few of my favorites:

Use your Love By Katy Perry
Be my Girl By Jet
Latch By Disclosure 
Fancy By Iggy 
Work It By Missy Elliot 
Independent Women By Destiny Child 

As you can tell, I am a huge pop girl jams fan. Katy Perry has gotten me through the hardest work outs.

>>  wave at and be inspired by other runners 
Okay, I know if you are running in a high traffic area waving at everyone can be exhausting and a little creepy but if you are running at a park where you pass the occasional runner, I think its helpful to give them a nod or a wave, its like a mutual understanding that you both are going through the same thing.

 My favorite people to wave at are the cute little old ladies that run around the park- I love them- I want to be running well into my 70s so if they pump me up now its almost a promise that at that age I will be pumped to be me and healthy enough to run. 

>> Picture Ryan Gosling at the end
I know we have all heard this one (personally I'd prefer Zac Efron at the end) but it can be helpful to think about a sexy man waiting for you at the end of your run. 

just a little note: I wrote that I prefered Zac Efron before I started looking up all these memes.. Ryan is sexy.. I take back my Zac preference. 

>> Treat yourself to some cute running clothes
I never realized how inspiring new clothes can be or how addicting it is to buy running gear. A little into my training I started rewarding myself with new workout shorts and tee's every now and then. It helped me get through runs because I'd either promise myself something new if I get to the next mile or I would get excited to wear my new clothes on my next run. However you do it- new running gear helps. Check out Ross and TJ Maxx for the not so pricey and still way cute work out gear! 

I hope these help! 

I can't wait to run- I am so scared but so excited!! 


Last two I promise-