Saturday, April 19, 2014

coffee dates & little things.

My favorite thing to do lately is enjoy a nice cup of coffee with a random friend.

I have done this several times before, I mean HELLO! Coffee shops and cute lattes are such a hip date and have been a hip date since I was able to drive so, of course, I have done this before but lately these small dates have meant so much to me.

There is something really sweet about a quaint coffee shop, a cute latte (preferably with a little design in it) and two people who are genuinely excited about each others lives. 

These little dates have opened my eyes to a few things.

One, is that everyone has insecurities about the future and two is that, (even if you don't know the person you are having coffee with all that well)  girls have a universal look for when they see a hottie having coffee in the corner and they also have a universal look for when they realize he has a ring on his finger.

Another thing I realized as my coffee dates and I gabbed away is that in a week we really do accomplish a lot more than we give ourselves credit for. I think that sometimes we rush through the week so fast we forget to reflect on what actually happened.

It is great to look at the bigger picture but sometimes it helps to put your task in a tiny perspective and appreciate the small accomplishments you make. 

As you guys might have noticed, I have some anxiety about my future... and by some I mean I don't sleep because I can't turn off my thoughts and I get a really heavy chest AND I find myself sitting in my car awhile after I have parked just sitting in the dark... but I'm fine.. really, really IM FINE!

So, I'm thinking that maybe if I put my little accomplishments in perspective it will help me appreciate myself a little more and I will get out of the car as soon as I park.. unless there is a really great song on.

this week//

1. I have gone to all of my classes and have been prepared.
For me this is a huge accomplishment; I thought I had "senioritis" in high school. High School was baby compared to the zero shits I give now.

2. We finalized plans for Chicago this summer (Thanks to my roommate Austy and his birthday) and Vegas in May! This is super exciting because I think I want to move to Chicago and I get to experience it this summer with my best friends! Also, I am going to Vegas for graduation with my great friend Demi, she is FINALLY going to let loose (future doctor takes her studies extremely serious) and I am going to forget that I even graduated and maybe forget my name...woooooooooooooooohhhh
Can't wait to take on Vegas with you!!! 

Hopefully I fall in love with you Chicago :)

3. I decorated our porch!
At  my Apartment we have this really cute patio and its kind of huge for our baby apartment. Our plan when we moved in was to decorate it and have porch parties this summer! I ventured out and got us flowers, thrifted furniture and out door lights.
This is only a little bit of the porch- more to come <3

4. Obviously all of my little coffee dates have meant a lot to me. I think reaching out to people and spending quality time is an accomplishment.

5. I've been diligent about running and I am more than ready for my half marathon next Sunday!!
Joining the obnoxious window sticker club is all I wanted out of this half; I've had the sticker for a year now and  I can officially place it on my car next weekend.

6. I almost forgot.... I made the first GIANT step in my backpacking trip to Europe. I bought my tickets! I am departing from OKC on September 2nd -----> Dublin, Ireland to begin my adventure.
I will make a whole post about the trip soon.