Thursday, June 19, 2014

Strawberry Mojitos and #WhereImFromSwap

So, ONE of my June monthly goals was to try a new recipe every week. Although I have two weeks left of June I have already failed miserably. BUT! The newest addition to apartment 18 came home today and spoiled us all with fancy Strawberry Mojito drinks. 

She found the recipe on Pinterest here!  She followed the recipe almost exactly except she used CRUZAN Guava flavored Rum and Club soda. The drinks turned out super refreshing and perfect for a summer drink!
It has fruit in it so that makes it healthy right?
I blog I follow called But First, Coffee hosted a #WhereIamFromSwap where basically participants signed up and got matched with a stranger who also signed up! After you got your partner you were supposed to email them and get to know each other and from there you send them a gift- The gift had to include things from your home state and items you think your partner would enjoy!

I got paired with a lovely lady named Nicole from New York. It was extremely easy to pick her out a gift because her initial email she told me so much about herself and she gave me her instagram name so I could get an extra peek into her life.

I ended up going to Craigs Emporium at the Paseo in Oklahoma City to purchase her gifts. I got Nicole a mustache toy for her dog (because she loves her dog) A dream catcher (Oklahoma- Native Redlands-) & a tiny antique tea cup with a candle in it (She collects tea cups).

She sent me all locally made products- Tierra Green Tea, which smells delicious! A notebook with New York State map on it and Little Greek eye earrings. Everything is so cute! This was such a fun swap and I am so glad I was apart of it.