Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Little Letters

A few of my favorite bloggy blogs do some form of love letters or friday letters and I always enjoy reading them so I thought I'd join the fun and do one myself. 

Dear Tuesday: What is it like to be the most overlooked day of the week? No one complains about you like they do Monday; no one annoys their children with Happy Hump day jokes like they do on Wednesday; usually people aren't celebrating their thirst on Tuesdays and Everyone loves the weekend. Dear Hot Body: Please, hurry; we are putting in the work now reveal yourself. Dear Vodka Water: As soon as my hot body catches up we will reunite, i promise.. I miss you too. Dear NCLEX: Please stop stealing my best friend away- you are ruining our life. Dear The Bachelorette: I don't even know how to deal... I get stressed out every time you kiss someone- your man juggling skills are impeccable.. and all the guys are fine with it... Can real dating be like this or? Dear Google: stop tempting me to Google the Bachelorette winner- I tried a few times but I have yet to dig deeper.  Dear Kate Hudson: Can we trade lives and bodies and faces yet?  Dear Spin Class: I know I said it all last week but  I promise- I am coming to you TOMORROW. Dear SnapChat: Thanks! I have so many beautiful pictures of my friends thanks to you.  Dear hot man I see regularly at the gym: Why. you. not. propose. marriage. to. me. yet?