Tuesday, June 17, 2014

a little list of advice

ONE>>Try not to get too unraveled about by an ignored text- we are all busy people. If you are dying inside text that person one more time if its still ignored move on with your marvelous self.

TWO>> Admit it when you are being nuts.

THREE>> Don't wear a grey maxi skirt on a day where you might have a bad case of booty sweat
(Thanks TH :) )

FOUR>> Be active.

FIVE>> When your gas light comes on, go get gas

SIX>> same for toilet paper, when you are close to running out go get some ASAP. or use your socks.

SEVEN>> Sometimes we fight with our friends- just make sure you can laugh about the stupid fight later, if not they are probably not very good friends.

EIGHT>> Be intentional

NINE>> drunk texting is equally amusing and very embarrassing, only do it if you are able to laugh at yourself.

TEN>>If you think someday you will get kidnapped- make sure your best friend knows the sexiest picture to put on your missing posters

EVEVEN>> A shot of vodka before shopping for swimwear helps the experience


THIRTEEN>>  If you choose to have a pet, love it like a small human being- they will love you even if you've had too much wine and you smell like sweat and tears (unless its my dog.. who will judge you from a far)

 FOURTEEN>> be nice to people

FIFTEEN>>Eat the damn cookie or cake or pie or whatever.

SIXTEEN>>  If you feel like your instagram isn't very hip lately.. post an inspiring quote like the one below