Tuesday, June 10, 2014

too tired Tuesday.

I have been working a lot lately. 
Since I got back from Vegas I have been working every. single. day.

& Monday I started a new job at a Theatre Summer camp- so I am working two jobs this summer back to back.

I am not complaining, I signed myself up for this and had somewhat of an idea what it would entail. I am happy that I have two great jobs that work well together and each of them are understanding of one another. 

Here is a list of things that make my tiredness- not so tired and just help me get by. 

1. The funny, endearing, relatable pins that my friend Demi Jackson sends me at 7 am on the dot every morning. 

2. The written letters I get from my weird yet extremely poetic Dad every month. 

3. The sadness my roommates and I feel when we realize we haven't actually seen each other because we all are on opposite schedules. Our sadness makes me happy because we really do love each others company and miss it when one another is away. 

4. My sisters phone calls. She feels like she is rambling but I enjoy her rambles. 

5. The fact that my friend Kaitlin has a reminder set in her phone on June 21st when I finally have a day off and we can go out together :) 

So.. basically, I get by with a little help from my friends. & I am beyond grateful for you crazy people in my life.

Sierra Carter