Monday, August 25, 2014

6 weeks in Europe packing tips

I could not tell you how many items on Pinterest I have pinned about packing for travel. I have dug deep into the heart of internet packing guides and I hopefully have gained a sufficient amount of packing knowledge to make my 6 week trip enjoyable.

So here is my guide;

The backpack I chose is an eBag TLS Lode  I bought it off Amazon. I liked this bag because it meets airline carry-on standards and it converts from a backpack to a duffle bag. Although I will only be using the bag as a backpack, I like that it organizes like a standard suitcase.

My goal for clothing was to only pack 13 clothing items that I wear from day to day. (this does not include sleep wear/workout outfit/rain jacket)

 I was able to keep my outfits on a color scheme and then I can mix and match- this will be another post entirely.

Along with my backpack I also purchased 3 packing cubes.  
I purchased the medium sized ones and I promise they work wonders!
 I recommend getting these packing cubes because they make packing more organized.


I was able to fit all of my clothing items into 3 medium packing cubes. My suggestions is to roll your clothing and make it as little as possible. It really is amazing how much one packing cube can fit.


In each packing cube I rolled my clothing to the smallest I could get it. I also tried to keep the cubes relatively organized- in the picture above I placed my sleeping/running clothes and my microfiber towel. I got this towel because it is easy to pack, it is super absorbent and in most hostels you have to pay for a towel.

                 After packing all the cubes they ended up fitting perfectly in the base of my backpack 


Next I decided to use cosmetic bags that I already owned and one I bought from target for electronics,  toiletries & makeup.

This is my electronic bag- it contains 
1. small flashlight- I know it looks tiny.. is it but the light is extremely strong.
2. Camera and batteries- I am taking a really inexpensive camera I know that I want to take pictures to remember my trip but I feel more comfortable asking someone to take my picture with this camera as opposed to my iPhone.
3. Eye mask and ear plugs- I am staying in hostels this means I will be sharing a room with 10 or more people- the eye mask and ear plugs will help me get sleep when I need it without disturbances. 
4. Universal Plug in- other countries have different types of plug ins- I need this adapter to charge my phone and iPad along the way. 
5. NOT PICTURED- Iphone/Ipad Charger

In my backpack I packed a medium sized toiletry bag- I got it from Target- the bag has two sides and a middle pouch to put misc. items in.  I will not get into all the obvious toiletry items but I would like to share some of the items I packed because I think they will help my travels. First of all I did not pack any liquids in the back. I am carrying the backpack on the plane but any liquids I take will be in my personal bag so when I go through security I can just grab my little ziploc and get going. 

In this bag 
1. Lotion bar from LUSH- all you have to do is warm the bar with your hands and it turns into lotion. I like this bar because it is easy to travel with and smells great! 
2.  LUSH no drought dry shampoo- this product will be helpful to keep my hair feeling clean 
3.  LUSH Shampoo and Conditioner Bar - these bars last for up to 85 washes- all you do is wet your hands, lather up the bar and put it on your hair. They smell great and leave my whole bag smelling wonderful. I can also use the shampoo bar to wash my clothing in hostel sinks. 
4. Face Wipes
5. Q-tips, Deodorant &Baby Powder 

Other helpful items
Ziplock bags - you can use them like compression bags and also for organization along the way.
Put socks or things inside your shoes 
luggage locks to lock your backpack
shower shoes for hostels 
copies of your passport and I.D. 

I hope this helps! Safe Travels!