Thursday, August 7, 2014

Liebster Award! (doing it, right this time)

I am so excited because Autumn over at Nothing But Autumn  nominated me for a Liebster Award. Now a few months ago Katie at Style and Things  nominated me for this award but I didn't really understand what it was nor did I follow the instructions correctly- so here I am getting another chance! 
Here is the actual run down of the award- also you can check out my Liebster fail here.

 The Liebster Award is given to bloggers with less than 200 followers in order to get them more noticed and give them recognition!  
        You have to say 11 things about yourself, then answer 11 questions the person who      nominated you gave, then nominate 11 more people and give them 11 more questions to    pass along! 


>>  I am left handed- in weird groups that are meeting for the first time I always use that one; and then all the leftys give me a subtle nod. 

>> One of my life goals was to see Kristen Wiig in person and I not only got to see her last summer BUT I got to see her perform & I got to intern at The Groundlings Theatre which is where the lovely lady herself started her comedy game. 

>> Anyone who has a dog is going to say this but I really do love my dog. Sometimes I read articles like this one and I get really sad about leaving him for long periods of time

>> I want to move to Chicago someday 

>> I really really love dark chocolate 

>> My blog title actually reflects my life right now- literally Running Wild at all times 

>> I am pretty clumsy and I have an awful singing voice- yet I majored in Theatre- hash tag notatriplethreat 

>>  my current home is the homiest home I have had since leaving my moms home- I think it is the special men I live with but I am so glad we have a home (how many times can I say home..home) 

>> If I was a food- I'd want to be hummus- who doesn't love hummus?

>> I always over romanticize Carnivals or State Fairs, I think they would be such a cute date but really after the heat and all the fried food a date would probably be miserable. 

>>  I want to have an office job where I have to wear cute professional clothes and be identified as a young professional at some point (and probably a short point) in my life. 

Questions from Autumn 

Stripes or Polka Dots? 
I really love stripes; sometimes I have to refrain from buying striped items. 
Signature Starbucks drink?
Currently: Iced Coffee with sugar free hazelnut and soy milk- but most of the time black with a splash of soy (boring)
What’s your best feature, in your opinion? (Self love, y’all)
I think my best feature is my legs- they are strong and get me through some strenuous workouts 
If you could live in another era, which era would you choose? I will also require an explanation…
I am going to pick the 20s- I have recently read a lot of Fitzgerald inspired books (Thanks for the recommendations +Kelsey Fisher)  I think it would be such an interesting time to be involved in  the artistic side of the era.  
Who inspires you?
Power house female comedians; Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, Lena Dunham- just waltzing in and taking comedy to a new level.  
Describe your perfect day
My perfect day would be spent with no time deadlines. No places to be. I would wake up and spend the day with my roommates doing nothing but being weirdos together also we would go to a cute coffee shop and love each other 
Favorite way to relax and de-stress?
YOGA and I am so happy that I have figured that out.. judge away. 
Describe one quirk about yourself.
 I have a  weird, under breath laugh that can fill any awkward silences just making the situation even more uncomfortable.  
What was your childhood dream?
It was to be an actress/dolphin trainer/playwright/princess- and to beat my brother in a game of checkers or dot to dot OR ANY GAME EVER! 
What is your mantra/favorite quote?
All of our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them- Walt Disney
Bitches get shit done- Tina Fey  
What’s one item off your bucket list?
Go to Mardi Gras in New Orleans. 

My Questions

1. If you had to chance to be on any reality show which show would it be and why? 
2. If you owned a small business what would it be?
3. As a child which cartoon character did you wish you could be?
4. What has changed most about you were in since high school.. it could be dreams, style, hair color ect...
5. What is your favorite scent?
6. If you could take a celebrity in a fantasy suite who would it be?
7. Salty or Sweet?
8. What is your dream job?
9. What is your favorite city?
10. A picture that always makes you laugh.
11. What is your favorite thing about yourself?

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Please comment if you participate, I'd love to read everyone's post!!!