Sunday, August 10, 2014

Why am I traveling solo?

There have been a lot of concerns from loved ones and even strangers as to why I would chose to travel alone- "ITS SO DANGEROUS" "Have you seen taken?"

Honestly, I am terrified and I know that the world can be a scary place but I also know that I am smart and that people are generally kind.

So here are some good reasons I chose to travel alone & hopefully I will not be disappointed.

>> simply put- if I waited for someone to go with me I would probably be waiting for a very long time.

My whole entire trip is completely up to me- If want to spend the day going from a theatre to an art museum to a nap to a park to a pub crawl to a bakery to another nap to my 5th crepe stand visit- I CAN.  No one's schedule but my own and there is an extreme excitement behind that.

This trip will force me to immediately open up to people and strange situations. I will have to find my way around; I will have to figure out trains and directions- all which terrify me. (sweating thinking about it right now)

My Dad, My Mom & My Sister - people who have known me forever - who have seen me in stressful situations; who have literally raised me to be the lady I am- they are all encouraging and they really believe in me. I could not do it with out them- its neat- they got my back.

I have already learned so much about the world just by the research I have done- I cannot wait to learn more & see more.

Working at a hotel has taught me that travelers- big or small adventurers- always want to talk and usually they are just as interested in you as you are in them!

I am choosing to travel alone because I want a trip that is on my own terms; I want a trip that makes me become my own best friend; I want a trip that opens my eyes about how strong and smart I can be;  I want to appreciate the little things and the big thing for as long as my heart desires; I want to appreciate myself for how truly courageous I can be.

So yes, I've seen Taken and my dad is no Liam Neeson; but my roommates already told me that if anything happens my kidnapper will probably bring me back in 10 mins top.