Thursday, August 28, 2014

How to pack the perfect personal bag carry-on for an international flight.

If you chose to check your luggage on an international flight it is helpful to have a personal carry on item with necessary essentials to make your flight more enjoyable. 

From Left to Right starting with the top row

Small Liquid Bag:
Antibacterial Liquid
LUSH 9-5 Face Cleansing Lotion- this lotion is perfect because you do not have to use water to clean off the soap- all you do is put the lotion on & wipe it off with tissue; it leaves your face feeling fresh.
Face Moisturizer

I put my passport, eurail pass, ID and credit card all in a pack together in my carry on bag that way it is organized and close to me at all times.

Ipad for book reading and internet browsing

Ibuprofen & Melatonin in the walgreens pac. The Melatonin will help be go to sleep at an appropriate hour to avoid getting jet lag.

Luggage locks for my separate luggage


Empty Water bottle- I can fill this up before boarding the plane and anywhere I can traveling
Packable Pillow case- I can pack this pillow with the jacket I am wearing and have a perfect little pillow

Extra clothes- I used a gallon ziplock bag to put in a tshirt, sports bra and nike leggings. You can compress the ziplock bag to be pretty flat. An extra outfit is helpful JUST in case your luggage gets lost or you have an extra long day and you just want to change!

Safe Travels!