Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday Favorites.

I have been terrible at keeping up with my July post.

I have missed a few topics so I am going to try to put it all into one small-hopefully-not-boring-post.

Today the topic is "five of your favorite things" but I missed the writing a letter post, favorite blogs post, hometown post &  a few more... so here is my whirlwind post and my favorite way to put things... In a letter.

Dear Kendi Everyday, World of Wanderlust & Mister Ratcliff, thank you for being my go to blogs. Kendi you were my first blog love, World of Wanderlust you keep my aspirations real and Mister Ratcliff your post make me happy and its cool to have a real life blog friend :) Dear Skiatook, Oklahoma; you were so fun to grow up in. You gave me appreciation for the small things; the big things; the family things and the appreciation for a place I will always call home. Dear The Bachlorette, you made me become that girl- I am embarassed by how much I love you show. Dear, Lara Bars- you are so good to me. Dear Dark Chocolate Sea Salt, you are so yummy please never leave me. Dear Kate Hudson, Is it time to switch lives yet? Dear New Dentist, I really am embarrassed. I hoped for an old white man but I got Doctor Dentist Dreamy Pants instead to judge me for all the times I fall asleep after eating hot cheetos & gummy worms... Even though you have ventured into the crevices of my teeth would you still be interested in making out.. or?