Wednesday, July 23, 2014

what am I even....

Reading: I am currently in the middle of about 4 books. I pick them up start and reading when I have the time or I'll grab one before work to read and it really just has been a mix of "The Bell Jar" - Sylvia Plath; "An Object of Beauty" Steve Martin "Uganda be kidding me" Chelsea Handler & "Tiny beautiful things" Cheryl Strayed - I need to just commit and finish one at a time- I feel like I am in several different worlds.

Writing: list. Just always writing to do list, to eat list, to cook list. I love them but rarely keep up with them.

Listening to: at the moment... Children singing because I work at a drama camp.

Smelling: stinky, sweaty children (it's the last week of camp..can you tell?) 

Wishing: wishing that I could win the lottery and not worry about anything; also  that I could eat sprinkled donuts for every meal

Hoping: that I don't get arrested soon for all my un paid parking tickets from LA last summer

Wearing: a stiff blue staff shirt... probably covered in some form of face paint

Wanting: a sprinkled donut.

Loving: I am loving yoga, green tea  & letters from my the daddio
Needing: rest, wine & time with my friends