Thursday, July 31, 2014

what are you going to do 3 months after you graduate....

So in May I graduated college; if you didn't know- I mean if you read this blog frequently 
(Hi Mom, Demi, Kelsey, Austy & Tyle) YOU KNOW I graduated college; had a complete freak out; drowned my -whatever feelings they were- in wine and then found myself all over again.

So, I decided, because I had not a damn clue what I wanted to do with my life- that I would do what any rational college grad would do and I decided that I  would travel. 

Not just leisurely travel- but go backpacking in Europe- dun. dun. dun. ALL BY MYSELF.

So I started thinking okay- Ill go 2 weeks; 
& then I was all- I can do 20 days.
& THEN I was all Okay I can handle one month; there is so much I want to see! 

& Then, as I was purchasing my flight, my hand went in to punch in my one month round trip ticket and I extended my trip to 6 weeks- WHAT? 

6 weeks just galavanting around in Europe this Fall.
Take off is One Month and Two Days so I thought it was time to start talking about it. 

I am going to try to be as informational as possible because I know I have researched and researched and hopefully one day I can help another brave soul do this too! 

As soon as I had the money I booked my flight ASAP- This saved me so much money from my original budget- I messed around with the flight engine on coming into different cities and leaving out of different ones and I found the cheapest rate flying into Dublin, Ireland and out of Barcelona, Spain- I suggest to book as early as possible and mess with the cities if you have that kind of flexibility in your planning. 

Be on the look out for these post in August:
-packing guide to 6 weeks in Europe
-Outfit Post

So- On September 3rd- wayyy to early in the mooring after a long flight- I will be arriving in Dublin, Ireland!! 

I can not wait to walk around on the cobblestone streets, try Guinness for the first time, follow through a literary pub crawl, try Irish Coffee (thats a thing),  see all the local art, go to a show, go to the lake, see the country side- listen to everybody talk (insert emoji with heart eyes) -

I can not wait to go to Scotland, see a familiar face  & "DO AS THE SCOTTISH DO" 

I can not wait to go to London and just about die from all the theatrical history
 (Degree in Theatre HOLLA')

I can not wait to go to Paris, Brussels, Berlin, Munich, Zurich, Verona, Venice, Florence, Rome, Monte Carlo, Barcelona. 

I cannot wait to be fully immersed  & forget about the fact that I am alone.

The sweetest compliment that anyone has given me is that I am brave, I've started to believe it.